What happened with GOLD and USD today?

As I wrote earlier, I hoped that USD will be stronger today, but lets see what happened today and why is the USD reached that that low price.

These are the two charts. As you  can see everything started real early, when Chinese economy datas published. The USD started to  move down, the GOLD started to move up because of the mixed datas. Later the stronger EUR pushed down the USD. The German political news pushed up the EUR price.

We started the US session with real good datas. The Core CPI was better than the expected. This helped to the USD and also to the GOLD too to recover a little.

Lets talk some words about trading. I was sure about – I’m still sure – the GOLD will go down to the 1300 area and the USD will also become stronger – will go back to the 93-95 area. This is why suggested to change the Stop Loss to a hedge (buy stop) and let it close with low profit when it goes back.

This is how the signal users didn’t lose the GOLD trades @ 1331. We all earned some cents with the hedge, because the buy stops opened and closed with low profit when it went back. I placed the 2nd hedge to 1333, because I think the GOLD will make slow down movement in the evening, how the USD will go back higher a little.

I don’t really think that too much thing will happen today. The AUDNZD is the only pair that near to profit. I suggest to all signal users to close it when it goes to positive.

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