Trading on Tuesday – 2018.05.22.


Today I waited for stronger EUR and weaker USD. USD raised 40 points and arrived back to 0. The paused Trade War between US and China helped the USD to go up. I told that it have to stop soon. It stopped and turned back. EURUSD started to go up, like the GOLD.


The next day will be about Great Britain’s Inflation Report and some speeches BoE and MPC members. These will probably good to the GBP, so I bet that the GBP will go up.



GBP will probably become stronger tomorrow and GBPCHF shows possible reversal. The pair is oversold…

EUR will be stronger from day by day. CHF will be one of the good pairs to trade with EUR.

The other pair is the EURUSD. EUR will go up the USD will go lower soon. Wait for this trade.

The 4th option for tomorrow is the USDJPY. The fundamentals and indicators also shows reversals.


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