Trading on Thursday – 2017.01.11.

The first economy data will come from Australia. I expect for bad numbers and weaker AUD. The ECB’s Meeting will also be important tomorrow, but the main to me will be the US PPI.

I’m still waiting for strong USD, weak NZD and AUD. But lets see some pairs what can be good for trading tomorrow.

I have many pairs near confirmation. 2 of then are NZD pairs. NZDCHF will go down if the NZD become more weaker. The CHF must be stronger again, so it will also help to push the pair down.

I expect the same for NZDUSD. USD will became stronger, so many USD pair will receive confirmation in the next some days.

And there is one more thing that we have to check. The AUD pairs can be interesting. The AUD news can make nice movements and if there will be a big movement, we can also do some scalps during the retracement.

Come back some times a day to check the posts about news and fresh trades!

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