Trading on Monday – 2018.03.05.

The first interesting thing about trading on Monday is that how will the market react to the Italian election. My opinion is that the EUR ill be stronger during the Asian session.

Some fresh economy data will be published soon. The Australian Building Approvals and Company Gross Operating Profits will be better than earlier, what can push the AUD higher.

Duing the EU Session PMI numbers will be published. The datas probably will be better than the expected and will push the EUR higher. If it happens, we ‘ll able to trade with some EUR pairs.

The USD’s negative trend started @ the end of last week. I’m sure that it will continues.

Pairs to check:

The chance of the positive movement os EURJPY and AUDJPY is real high now. The EUR and the AUD also shows reversal and the JPY is real strong, so a retracement is possible here too. If we check the technicals we can see the possibility of a turn.

I’d like to talk about one more pair. This is the USDCAD. I’m sure about the USD weakness on Monday and be sure that the CAD won’t be weaker than it is now. The technicals also shows reversal, we’re at a strong resistance level and many indicators shows possible turn.

Come back later and check the new trades!


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