Trading on Friday – 2018.03.30.


Today is Holiday in many countries. This is the biggest day for students the “No Homework Day”.

Ok today it is on the same day with “Good Friday”, so in many countries the schools are closed 😀

But what about the Forex market? GOLD, SILVER, etc. are closed but the Forex will be open. Ester is not a wordwide holiday, so the Forex market will be open today and on Monday too.

But Easter is a big holiday, so most of the investors, traders will not trade, so the movements will be probably low.

Only some medium numbers will be published today. The maket will probably not move too much because of them.

So how will we trade? We’ll check the technicals and the political news. If something happens, we’ll try to earn with it.

The bonus offer will expire in 24 hours, so if you want to invest in a very profitable investment plan, join us now!

My plan was that I’ll fill the VIP investor gorup before 31th of March is failed, but only 23 places left what is real good. I hope we’ll fill the left places in April.

Come back later to check the trades! Have a nice day,


Investment plans for VIP investors!


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