The Bonus Account is gaining


I launched the Bonus Account last weekend (https://dailyprofit4life.com/bonus-account-launched-earn-extra-profit-for-christmas). As I wrote I’m placing riskier trades on this account, I use higher lots and I use a weak risk management.

As you can see this method also works fine. During the first 35 hours of trading, I made 16.91% profit.

My plan is to earn more than $150 000 on this account during the next 8 months. Is it possible? I think, YES. 


I share this account’s statistics in the top of the site. 

The statistics refreshs in every 5 minutes, so you can see the most important numbers actual profit (GAIN) and the daily profit (DAILY) there. If you want to see more, just click on it to visit the main post where you can see more data.

So if you want to receive a part of this account’s profit, invest some money to the Group Investment option and earn risk free FX profit.

Investment plans for VIP investors!



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