Celebrate the success of DailyProfit4Life offline projects with discounts and free services!

Today is a big day in the life of the DailyProfit4Life project. I signed a new contract with my bank, about a new credit limit to buy offices worldwide for the DailyProfit4Life offline service and the “loan to invest” program.

Our first 3 offices worked real fine (all offices generated lot more profit than the expected). During the summer , we’ll open new offices mostly in the EU, and than in all VIP investor’s country.

Because of this, today will give bonuses to you. As you know the most profitable investment option is the Group Investment. This is the best and safest option to gain your earning, and this is the base of the VIP investor program too. Both will be closed when we reach the 100 members. After it, we’ll not accept new members. If I’m right we’ll reach it in the next some months.

The offers:

#1 – Invest min. $2000 to Group Investment to became a VIP investor instantly (READ ABOUT IT HERE)
#2 – Invest $1000 to Group Investment and join the FX Trading Course free
#3 – Invest $500 to receive lifetime EXPRESS SIGNALS
#4 – The FX Trading Course’s discount price is $250
#5 – Lifetime EXPRESS SIGNALS for $100

Invest your money in the next 24 hours for garanteed (min. 50%) profit and recive extras, or join services cheaper. Just choose and contact me now!


New VIP investor joined us

Today, another VIP investor joined us today. During the week offer 4 new member joined the group investment option. They will start the free course next week.

One of the investor became VIP after he invested. First because of the amount. This shows how Daniel trust in my strategy (he follow my trades in the last 3 months as an EXPRESS SIGNAL user). The second, because he said he want to reinvest his earnings in the first 3 months. He and the other investors  will earn real huge profit in these months.

You still have some hours to join the week’s offer to start the course free .

CONTACT ME NOW! Invest, learn and earn profit month by month.

Welcome to DailyProfit4Life VIP



Welcome to DailyProfit4Life VIP

What is DailyProfit4Life VIP?

This is a private group of investors – my new and old friends – who are real investors and who trust in the projects I started here. This is a small group right now, with big amount of investments and big amount of earned profit. Now, there is only 26 member in the group, but next month it will grow with min. 4 members and I hope there will reach the 100 members in the group this year.

How can you become a VIP investor?

There are 2 ways to become a VIP member.

#1 – Invest min. $2000 to the DailyProfit4Life investment group and let it gain for min. 3 months. 

About it: You can place your investment to the DailyProfit4Life investment group with guaranteed 30% – now it’s avg. 70% monthly profit. You can withdraw your money monthly. For more info, contact me.

#2 – Use SafestForex.com

Join the SafestForex project with a min. $5000 account. If you will not withdraw more than your profit from your account for min. 2 months, you will able to register to the VIP program.

#3 – Finish the DailyProfit4Life Forex Trading Strategy Course, open a broker account on any of the preferred brokers and trade with min. $1000 for min. 1 month.

About it: Forex Trading Strategy Course is one of the best courses you can find online. You will learn how to analyse, use the best strategies and trade 100% risk free. You will only have profitable months from that day, you join the course…

Why is it good to become a VIP member?

You will receive every info, signal, news first, but don’t forget about that you are earning real big profit each month. This is the first, but not the best thing.

The best is that you can be the part of the DailyProfit4Life company group. Next week I’ll boost the DailyProfit4Life company with offices worldwide. The VIP investors can join the new companies in your country. The first some offices already opened. This year Iam testing the offline program. It seems that one office’s yearly profit will reach $100k-$1000k, depends on where it is.  The plan is to open min. 50 office in each country where we’ll open, so the investors will become a part of something huge.


Investment plans for VIP investors!