Statistics of this week – 2018.05.07.-2018.05.11.


The statistics of this week, was clear. I closed all trades in the company account. The profit is good enough, I hope you liked it too.

Finally The AUDCAD is closed with some profit. Finally closed the week with 178 pips profit and 11,6% profit what is a very good result for a week.

From next week, I will share the trades, many info and news daily. I’ll share many charts in advance, to show some possible trades for the next day.  You will see that my analysis is good in 90% what is very good in Forex.

Come back every day, read, learn and the most important earn money with my help!



Statistics of this week – 2018.04.16.-2018.04.20.


This week, many of the trades closed by Trailing Stop. This is not a big problem, because we closed with a small but nice profit for this week.

I will have more time to trade next week, so probably the profit will be bigger. So, I’m sure that all investor will be happy with the results of the last trading days of the month.

Come back next week and check the new trades!

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Statistics of this week – 2018.04.09.-2018.04.13.


Last week wasn’t the best of the year. The #1 problem was that I had many meetings because we sold one of our companies on Thursday. I mostly placed the trades during the Asian session and I didn’t have too much time to check the charts dring the days.

All of the trades closed by trailing stop. As you can see all closed with less than 30 pips profit. Ok. Who cares? We made profit.

Next week will be lot easier to me. I will have more time check the charts and to trade.

I checked the pairs yesterday evening and I saw many nice possibilities. I’ll write a post about it tomorrow.

About my offers last week. Many people found me that they have only some hundred dollars, but they are really interested in the Group Investment option. I made a one day offer to these guys, anyone had the chance to invest from $100 or $90 worth of BTC. What do you think,? How many people joined this offer from the more than 40 guys who e-mailed me? The answer is 3.

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Come back next week and check the trades and read about the new projects. SafestForex.com will be launched soon!!!


Statistics of this week – 2018.03.26.-2018.03.30.


Sorry about the late post, but on Monday I didn’t work, and yesterday, I had to help to one of my friends. Today, I hope the EU session and the NFP will move the market enough to show us some nice trades.

Let’s see what happened last week. We made nice profit with GOLD. We closed nice profit with GOLD (buy from last Friday than with the sells).

Friday was holiday in many countries, so we didn’t have too many options. We placed one trade, what is still running.


We also closed a month. We earned nice profit and the account’s equity is @83%, so I’m happy. The investment group members earned more than 40% profit this month. This is a very good result with risk free trading…

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Statistics of this week – 2018.03.19.-2018.03.23.

As you know, this week the market was not helped us to trade too much, plus I had to go to South Africa on Thursday, so I didn’t have too much to check the charts.

If you are a course members, or just a friend of mine, we probably talked about my predictions about the market movements. I predicted a prositive movement of the USD after the FED rate hike (a negative movement folowed the Press Conference). I predicted stronger AUD (the market didn’t react), weaker JPY (the numbers were worse, but the market didn’t react)….

So, we had many possible trading options near confirmation this week, but the fundamentals mostly ruined it, or if not, than nothing happened.

My strategy is one of the best, because we have to check the news, we have to wait for them and we only trade when the confirmation is clear from every direction.

We had lot better weeks than 200 pips profit earlier, but who don’t like a stats like this. Clear, avg. earnings and all trades closed in 48 hours.

I’ll write a review about the next weeks trading soon, but you have to know that I’m sure about that the

  • USD will go above 90 point,
  • CAD will be also stronger,
  • GBP had to be weaker,
  • and finally the JPY will go down (it think nothing will hold it this value where it is right now…).

As you know, our broker gives 5% deposit credit to all deposit we’re making. Some of our old VIP members gained their invetments and 3 new members joined our VIP group. Thanks to all of the VIP members and all group invetors who joined us.

We still have ~30 places in the VIP investor group and I hope we’ll have some members from the Arab world, from Australia and from South America and some more from Africa too.

And finally thanks to Jin, who is the newest VIP members! He is a guy who is ready to become a wordwide investor and who really understand what my projects are about.



Statistics of this week – 2018.03.05.-2018.03.09.



We had real good options to trade this week. My strategy showed many-many signals and some of them confirmed. My prediction about the economy news was mostly good this week, but sometimes the market didn’t react to the news.  My strategy has a point to these option too, so we didn’t loose.

Let’s see the stats in pips.


I closed all the trades on my account (some trades with low profit). I finished this week with 431 profit what was 15% profit on the group account and more than 31 % on my personal account (with a little riskier trading).

Next week will probably a very profitable for my trading strategy. So, hurry up, check the investment options, and services and join us now!

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Statistics of this week – 2018.02.26.-2018.03.02.

Last week was real busy to me. I had to go to Spain and work on a new project. But don’t worry, next week will be more active to us.

Let’s see the stats.

We had some trades what went to wrong directions, but we handled it with the NO LOSS strategy and only one of them are waiting for profit.

The profit is average and be sure that both pending trade will be closed with profit. Why? JPY and USD will become weaker next week.

Yesterday, I sent out a message about Grand Capital. The problem is that my withdrawal is pending for more than 7 days now and I received messges from 7 partners who are also waiting for their withdrawal. I didn’t have any problem with Grand Capital earlier, so I hope they will send the payments soon.

So please wait with fresh investments to Grand Capital.

My offers about investments and signals expired, but if you want to invest or use the signals, please contact me!


Welcome to DailyProfit4Life VIP


Statistics of this week – 2018.02.19.-2018.02.23.

We had many nice trades this week, but we had to hedge our JPY’s. My technical analysis showed many times that the JPY had to become weaker. Sometimes the fundamental analysis also showed the same, but it only happened for short periods. But this is why we use the “NO LOSS STRATEGY”. With it, we kept our account safe and we’ll jump out of these trades soon.

The other running pairs are near to 0, but don’t worry, next week we’ll close them with profit. As you can see the actual earnings in pips is 280. This is not bad and it will gain next week when we will close the running ones.

Let’s see how it looks like on my personal account.

I made $11.190 profit with 2 losses and 31 winning trades.

The loss of GBPCAD was my fault. I didn’t used the “NO LOSS STRATEGY” because I placed this trade on my phone and later I forget changed it. I made a 73 pips loss and a 44 pips profit (29 loss). With the “NO LOSS STRATEGY” it’d be  a 1-2 pips profit after the heding and a ~30 pips profit of the main trade.

This was a 20%+ profit week for us. All investors, signal users were very happy because of this result. Do we have the chance to make a 30%+ or a 50%+ week next time? Sure.
I see many good opportunities in technicals. Hope we’ll receive right economy news next week.

Let’s see some offers for the weekend.

We have many place left in the VIP investors “club”, so I’ll give offers to those who want to be the part of our investor group.

This is not a fresh one, but all the new investors who invests more than  $5 000 and  let the capital in for min. 3 month (write a statement), automatically added to  VIP.

We have a new member – Hans –  in the group who did this.

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Morning trades closed with profit

This morning I placed 3 trades.

Today is a calm one, because of the US and Canadian holiday and the newsless EU session. The problem with the calm days that the pairs are moving real slow and the direction is moving slowly, up and down. Without a strong direction the Trailing Stops activated and closed the trades during a slow wave.

Why are we using Trailing Stop on calm days?

The calm days can be tricky. For example, you think, nothing extra will happen and the long term trend is up. The technical analysis shows that. You place a trade and wait. Nothing happens until President Trump wake up and tweet something what is real bad for the USD. The USD change the direction and in minutes you trade form low profit can hit SL. You can’t see when will someone important say or do something what is against your trade. This is why we’re happy after a trade closed with low profit…

So we made some pips with each trade. Maybe we can reenter to one of these trades, or we’ll find other pairs to trade.

Come back later and check the new posts and trades.




Statistics of this week – 2018.02.12.-2018.02.16.


This week we made nice income, but we must have for some trade to complete the week’s earning stats. Until now, we made more than 250 PIPs.

I only traded on my main account and on the investment accounts. This was the result on my main…

I will not write too much about it. The numbers tell everything. $52k starting amount with $8388,47 profit.

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