Statistics of this week – 2018.02.12.-2018.02.16.


This week we made nice income, but we must have for some trade to complete the week’s earning stats. Until now, we made more than 250 PIPs.

I only traded on my main account and on the investment accounts. This was the result on my main…

I will not write too much about it. The numbers tell everything. $52k starting amount with $8388,47 profit.

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Statistics of this week – 2018.02.05.-2018.02.09.

Last week, I had many business meetings. I missed some real good trading opportunities, but it wasn’t a big problem, we earned enough.

I was happy, because most of the students of the FOREX STRATEGY TRADING COURSE made nice profit with scalping and with many other USD pairs on Wednesday.

Last week I finished with 404 PIPS profit, what is not bad. Can we do the same this week? I’m sure, so I think we have the chance to make lot more profit, because there are many pairs near to confirmation of reversals. That means we’ll able to earn many lots with bigger movements.

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Trading on Monday – 2018.02.05.

On Friday we were wait for the US Nonfarm Payrolls. We were sure about the positive numbers, as all the forecasts showed it earlier.

Next week is about Interest Rate Decisions. US and the EU meetings were already done. Next week we have to check Bank of England’s, Reserve Bank of Australia’s and Reserve Bank of New-Zealand’s meeting.

BoE is expected to hold the interest rate unchanged, but not this is the only number what we’re waiting for on Thursday. BoE Inflation Report will also published @ the same time. This probably will boost the GBP.

The chance that Australia’s and New-Zealand’s Interest Rates  will be unchanged are real high. Most of the analysts bet to a high jump of the NZD after the RBNZ Rate Statement. The Australian forecasts are lot complicated and there are many tips about RBA’s Statement. I’m on the Bullish side right now, but don’t hurry, there will many thing happen before the publication of the Rate Statement.

Monday will be an easy trading day. The Asian session will be calm. The European session’s main economy numbers will be the Services PMI’s (Purchasing Managers Index).

GMT  +1

The US session will also start with publishing of PMI numbers, First the Services PMI, and later the Non-Manufacturing PMI.

Trading on Monday will be easy for my Forex Strategy Course members. We’ll easily earn money in the morning market with some scalping trades.

We’ll hunt for more pips if the fresh economy numbers helps us. After I finised with my daily technical analysis I saw some EUR pairs near to confirmation of SELL trades. That means if the EU zone’s PMIs will be negative we’ll have many trading opportunities for 50-200 PIPs movements.

I’m Bullish on GBP, so a good PMI number will able to help earn nice profit 2 of the GBP pairs I’m watching.

Many of my trader friends wanted to bury USD last week. I waited for the NFP numbers and the US dollar Index reached the 89.00 limit, what I predicted in the morning. What do I think about the USD now? The support of NFP was weakened near the closure of the market, but I still think that the USD will go back higher in the first days of the week.

I’m not 100% in this because the investors have fears about the next possible Government Shutdown. So before any USD trade, we have to read more news and analyse the charts in our 3 used timeframes.

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Statistics of this week – 2018.01.29.-2018.02.02.

January was not the best month of my life, but we made a nice profit with the signals this month too. We didn’t reach the 1000 pips in the EXPRESS SIGNALS, so the paid members received an extra month of subscription.

This week, I waited a lot for the postable signals, but most of them not confirmed, because the fundamentals ruined them many times. Next week will be a little easier to our strategy. Everything looks clearer now.

The next US Government Shutdown is near, interest rate decisions are coming. We just have to wait for the news and trade safely every day. The technical analysis also shows clearer signals.

I’ll write a post about how we’ll trade on Monday and on the next week, but I’m sure we’ll earn 300-500 pips next week with the signals and another 300-400 with scalping (FOREX TRADING STRATEGY COURSE).

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Trading on Tuesday – 2018.01.23.

First of all, we have to talk about the USD. The US Government Shutdown is ended, that means the USD index have to go up back to the 92-95 area. Not just because of the Senate’s vote, but also because the European Central Bank is planning to push back the EUR price a little. I think this movement will start soon, so we’ll checking many EUR and USD pairs.

The Bank of Japan’s Rate Decision is one of the main news today. The press releases shows that the BoJ don’t really want to change the rate, but anything can happen. I’m waiting for stronger JPY after the Press Conference.

The German ZEW Economic Sentiment is also an important info. The forecasts are near to the last months numbers, so anything can happen here too. I don’t wait for huge movements.

Lets talk about some of the pairs. If the USD starts to go up, many USD pairs will be good for trading. My main picks will be the GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDCAD. I’m waiting for weaker GBP, so there will be opportunities to trade with GBP pairs too.  My EURGBP idea is failed today and the confirmation can not be clear on Tuesday, so if it’ll go up today, I’ll not care.

AUD pairs can be good options to trade. We have 2 running right now, so we’ll only place new ones if the SL’s will be in positive…

On Monday we had many scalping options, so the scalpers made lot of pips with EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD. These were the best pairs and worked real easy…

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We still have to wait with the new trades

This morning some of the movements started. The USD became stronger, the EUR weaker, so yesterday’s EURUSD and GOLD trades closed with profit. Retracements activated the Trailing Stops, so I didn’t reach the TPs, but we made nice profits.

Many forums wrote about the death of the USD. I didn’t really understand why do anyone write something like this. USD is the most used currency in the world. This negative movement because of the economical happenings and political news is not seems too good, but you dont have to worry about huge drop of USD. Depends on what is huge. I don’t think that USD will go down to the 80 area. I think it will go back to the 95 area and the worst I think is ~85.

The earlier GOLD and NZD trades were hedged out and the hedging trades there also closed with profit and now we’re waiting for more movement down. I’ll write about the whole hedging project later, when we closed these trades finally.

I’m waiting for stronger USD today, so we placed a pending order for GOLD and I’m watching for other pairs to trade next to our pending 5 trades.



Statistics of this week – 2018.01.08.-2018.01.12.

Last week was real successful in the beginning and a little worse after it. Why? The market did not start the movements what my technical analysis – my trading strategy – showed. This is not a huge problem, because we didn’t trade with the pairs which was not confirmed.

The 1st 3 days we were real lucky, because most of the pairs confirmed and closed soon with profit. From Thursday, our luck was gone. The fundamentals pushed many pairs to the opposite direction. The USD became weaker, the GOLD became stronger, the NZD, AUD also became stronger, so many of my checked pairs still waiting for confirmation.

My GOLD trades ruined by news and political issues, but we hedged them out, so our loss is not growing. We’ll make profit with them when the trend start to go down. It have to happen soon, and I’m waiting for big movement. The technicals still shows that the reversal have to start soon, and the middle of this movement will be ~1310 and I think it will go back to the 1290 area too.

Lets go back to this week. We made 366 pips profit until now and I’m sure that the left trades will also close with profit. The 366 pips means ~$350 profit on a $1000 account, what is not bad.

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Closing stats – 2017.12.08.

Today we placed only some trades. These are mostly long term trades, but we closed them today, because I don’t want to let any trade open for the weekend.


I posted about gold yesterday. I’m sure that it will go back to the 1280-1300 area before Christmas, so we’ll trade with it many times in the next weeks…

As you can see, we made nice profit today. The $1000 account members earned ~$180 profit today. This week’s profit in PIPS is 591 what is ~$520 profit for a $1000 account owner.


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Closing stats – 2017.12.04 – 2017.12.07

In the first 4 days of the week, the paid members placed many trades. We had some losses but we earned more money every day the losses. All signal users made min 100% profit in Nov. and I’m sure we’ll make nice profit this month too. There are many pairs with long term options. So if you a signal user, wait to place these trades and earn the huge profits. If you are not a member yet, join us now with the fresh discount offer: https://dailyprofit4life.com/discount-offer-for-december

Tomorrow I’ll have no time to trade a lot so I will only make some trades. We made more than 350 pips until now, and I’m sure that we’ll make some extra pips with GOLD  💰🤑


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The GOLD trade of yesterday closed by Trailing Stop.