Dollar Rides Surging Bond Yields to Fresh Highs

” The dollar rose to a new high for the year against its rivals supported by a strong wave of buying on the back of surging bond yields and economic data pointing to underlying strength in the U.S. economy.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, rose by 0.43% to 92.95. The greenback hit a fresh high for the year of 93.35. ”



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Trading on Monday – 2018.05.14



Tomorrow will be the day of speeches. FOMC and ECB members speeches can move the market. Not only the USD and the EUR will move, but the GBP, CHF too.

Fed members will probably talk about the possible changes in the monetary policy and about rate hikes during the year. The European Central Bank’s members will also talk about monetary policy and about Brexit too.


I have 4 pairs for Monday to check. These pairs near to confirmation.

CAD will back up soon. This will move many CAD pairs. CADCHF probably will be the best for this trade.

NZD felt a lot after the Interest rate decision last week. This falling slowed down and will probably back up.  The technical analysis shows a possibility of a retracement on the AUDNZD. The confirmation is not that near, we have to wait for it.

The technicals of the NZDJPY also shows a possible backup. The JPY is still strong. It will become weaker in the first 2 days of the week, but it will probably stronger, because the expectations of the economy datas will be positive.

USDCAD is a big question. The CAD will become stronger. I am sure about it. The USD is another question. It will probably fall during the next week, but a reversal will be possible, so it can be a nice trade.

Come back tomorrow and check the posts about the new trades.



Trading on Monday – 2018.03.26.


Let’s see the the news first. Monday will be weak in news, but don’t worry. We closed Friday with an up and down movement, what means that probably the trades will start to go the stronger direction. That means, that many trading signals will probably will be confirmed in the first half of the day.

You can see that there will be no any extra economy data publishing during the Asian session.

The EU session will be a little better with the French GDP (I bet for weaker EUR) and a British number, the Gross Mortgage Approvals ( also negative movement). Mr. Weidmann’s speech will probably not move the EUR to other direction, but we’ll see. As you know I don’t suggest to trade before news, mostly before speeces, because the “Speeker” can something terrible or real good. You can’t predict it…

During the US session, there will be 2 speeches. Not long ago, a Dudley speech gave a big push to the USD. So we have to be carefull with this guy 😀

Let’s see the pairs.

The CAD will probably become stronger, so many of the CAD pairs will show good trading signals. The bests can be GBPCAD, CADCHF and EURCAD. We also have to check USDCAD (but USD will probably go up, so it will be not a good pair of the CAD).

My other currency for monday is AUD. It fall a lot on Friday, and we’ll probably see a positive movement soon. So if it will happen, AUDJPY, AUDNZD and AUDUSD will all go up. The movement will be mid term (50-200 pips).

So, come back some hours after the market opening and check the new trades.

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Trading on Monday – 2018.03.12.


Let’s prepare to next week. First talk about the news.

Monday will be real calm with less important news. The EU Finance Ministers Meeting can make movements, because any Minister can say something important. If it happens the EUR can move bigger what will probably move the USD and GBP.

The whole week will be real calm, so probably the technicals will dominate.

We have many mid term and long term trading options near confirmation. My first pick is AUDCAD.

We set a sell trade earlier, but I closed it before the market closure. I will set it again with a pending order after the market open, because the technicals still shows the same movement and be sure that the CAD will be stronger and stronger during the next week.

This is why we have to check NZDCAD time by time. NZD also became real strong during the last weeks, so it can be a good pair to trade with CAD.

Another pair we’ll check is the EURUSD. We earned real nice amount with EURUSD sell, but this week it probably go back to higher area, so we’ll wait and trade from the right value.

The conclusion is that we will have a calm week, what will probably help us to set easy and profitable trades. I’m sure that all investors, course members will earn nice profits next week.

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Statistics of this week – 2018.03.05.-2018.03.09.



We had real good options to trade this week. My strategy showed many-many signals and some of them confirmed. My prediction about the economy news was mostly good this week, but sometimes the market didn’t react to the news.  My strategy has a point to these option too, so we didn’t loose.

Let’s see the stats in pips.


I closed all the trades on my account (some trades with low profit). I finished this week with 431 profit what was 15% profit on the group account and more than 31 % on my personal account (with a little riskier trading).

Next week will probably a very profitable for my trading strategy. So, hurry up, check the investment options, and services and join us now!

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Trading on Wednesday – 2018.02.21.

Wednesday will be the first active day of the week.

During the EU session Manufacturing PMIs will be published, but the main and most important will be the Inflation Report Hearings of the UK.

The US sessin will be active too. After the US PMI and Home Sales numbers  @ 20:00 (GMT +1:00) the FOMC Meeting will start.

So what I’m expect about tomorrow. First of all stronger AUD. AUD ‘s price is still low and sisn’t jumped, however the economy numbers are not that bad.

The 2nd currency is the EUR. It will go up and down again. The numbers will probably be mixed and I don’t think that we’ll see real high or low PMI numbers.

GBP can be the big market mover tomorrow. I bet on a big positive movement after the Inflation Report. We’ll not trade with GBP, because we don’t know the exact inflation datas and we also don’t know what will the Monetary Policy Committee Members say.

The US session’s main event is the FOMC Meeting Minutes. The last some FOMC Minutes did not moved the market too much, because nothing interesting happened. But this time I think the maket will move bigger, and I’m waiting for a positive movement.

About the pairs we’ll check. We’ll wait for the news, economy number publishments, meetings and speeches. We’ll trade mostly after the news, waiting for retracements. We’ll have many trading options, but mostly in the afternoon.

Come back some hours later to check the fresh trades!


Morning trades closed with profit

This morning I placed 3 trades.

Today is a calm one, because of the US and Canadian holiday and the newsless EU session. The problem with the calm days that the pairs are moving real slow and the direction is moving slowly, up and down. Without a strong direction the Trailing Stops activated and closed the trades during a slow wave.

Why are we using Trailing Stop on calm days?

The calm days can be tricky. For example, you think, nothing extra will happen and the long term trend is up. The technical analysis shows that. You place a trade and wait. Nothing happens until President Trump wake up and tweet something what is real bad for the USD. The USD change the direction and in minutes you trade form low profit can hit SL. You can’t see when will someone important say or do something what is against your trade. This is why we’re happy after a trade closed with low profit…

So we made some pips with each trade. Maybe we can reenter to one of these trades, or we’ll find other pairs to trade.

Come back later and check the new posts and trades.




Anonymous trader buys $400 million in BitCoin

Go big or go home. That’s the motto of one mysterious investor who put his chips on the table, buying close to $400 million of the No.1 digital currency, bitcoin.

The purchase comes as cryptocurrencies are making a comeback after a dreadful start to 2018. Major digital currencies lost as much as 50% to start the year as growing regulation and security fears crippled the market, seeing traders bail on their positions. However, the tide has turned.

The price of bitcoin BTCUSD, -6.35%  has increased more than 60% since trading under $6,000 on February 6, pushing back above $10,000, helped by signs of growing recognition of digital currencies from officials in Washington.

“Not sure who that big buyer was but many have bought this dip and have added since the rebound and additional regulatory clarity in the U.S. and Asia,” Alex Sunnarborg, Founding Partner of Tetras Capital said.

The unknown trader with the bitcoin address 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 purchased the coins between Feb. 9 and Feb. 12, taking his bitcoin balance from 55,000 coins to more than 96,000.


Trading on Monday – 2018.02.19.

Tomorrow we’ll concentrate on 2 main currencies. The JPY and the GBP. Why? Because there won’t any economy datas published in the Euro zone and because there will be holiday in the US and in Canada.

I read many reviews and datas in the last some hours and I think that this morning the JPY will start to become weaker. The Export forecasts seems too high and the Trade Balance will also lower than the expected. This can help us in many trades, but the question is that will the market react to the news. Maybe not, because the stronger JPY is still good for  many countries and investor groups.

There will be only one real important event tomorrow. Mr. Carney’s speech. I think his speech will boost the GBP price again, but noone can tell what he will talk about exactly, so his speach can move the EUR and many other currencies’ and commodities’ price too.

As I wrote, we’ll check the JPY and the GBP pairs first. These can be confirmed for long term movements, but we have to check GOLD too.

The USD and EUR pairs can also be good options, because the market will probably move slower and the techncal analysis will work better on them.

Tomorrow we’ll probably trade from the early morning, if the Asian section will be active. So check your e-mail, the website and follow the trades from the begining.

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Dominik Schiener is the cofounder of IOTA, a cryptocurrency that’s worth $5 billion

“How can you make plans for a business when you don’t know how much it has in the bank?

“Today it’s like $300-400 million or so — probably less so now,” says Dominik Schiener when I spoke to him on Monday.

Schiener is the chairman of the IOTA Foundation, the not-for-profit set up to develop the IOTA network. IOTA aims to be a cryptocurrency for the internet of things (think cars and petrol stations communicating with each other over the internet — that kind of thing). As machine-to-machine contact grows, IOTA wants to be the currency that powers their transactions.

When it launched in 2015, the project raised 1,300 bitcoins through an “initial coin offering”, a portion of which went to the foundation. IOTA’s crypto token, the MIOTA, is now the 11th biggest cryptocurrency, with $5 billion-worth in circulation.”