Trading on Thursday – 2018.06.14.



The Australian Employment Change can be the first market mover of this day, but not the most important. Investors will wait for the European Central Bank’s Interest Rate Decision and the Press Conference after it. The important US Sales news will be published when the ECB Press Conference will start, so I don’t think that we have to check these news. 99% that these datas will not move the market, the speech will do it. The EUR’s movement will push or pull the other currencies to a random direction.



I have 2 AUD pairs to check. This is the easiest one, because if it confirms, it will probably reach profit without any problem.

The 2nd one, the EURAUD is not that easy. If it won’t be closed before the ECB decision, it will probably go to the other direction (my bet is a positive EUR after the decision and the press conference).

So be carefull and check the new trades on HundredToMillion.com.


Trading on Wednesday – 2018.06.13.



The main economy numbers tomorrow will be the CPI of Great Britain, and the US PPI. But the most important news will be the FOMC statement, the Interest Rate Decision and the speech – Press Conference – after it.

This can move the market, so I will not trade during the US session, only after the Press Conference.



I just set 3 new trades, so I will not check any chart tomorrow. I will try to close all the trades and I will stop my Expert Advisor in the morning too…

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News of 2018.06.06.

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 Trading on Thursday – 2018.06.07.

Thursday will be an easy trading day. We’ll not have any huge news, maybe the EUR GDP can make bigger movements. The G7 Summit in Quebec will start on Friday, so I think most investors will wait for…

Top 5 Things To Know In The Market On Wednesday

1. U.S. Stocks Set For Positive Open U.S. stock futures pointed to more gains at the open, as investors looked ahead to a fresh batch of economic data and corporate earnings, while continuing to monitor global trade developments. 2. U.S.-China…





 Daily statistics – 2018.06.06.

I closed Wednesday with a ~10% profit. The MIXED TRADING worked well again. I made ~ 60% profit with my strategy and my Expert Advisor did the rest.


CADCHF trade on Wednesday – 2018.06.06. – CLOSED WITH PROFIT

I SAID!!!! CHF will become weaker during the EU session so this trade will able to make nice profit to me…

The EURCHF retraced and closed with low profit and than it reached TP.




Earnings on SafestForex accounts – 2018.06.06.

And here are the closing stats of 2018.06.06.
The trading lot on THE ANALYST account changed to 0.10. Maybe it is too low, so I will change it back to a higher lot.






Statistics of 2018.06.06.

The RiskFreeFXBot closed the day with low profit, because one of the pairs went to wrong direction. I hope it will solve this problem soon and will able to make profit on both pairs







Asia stocks edge higher, investors cautious on U.S.-China trade talks – Investing

“Wall Street ended slightly lower on Thursday as investors grappled with U.S.-China trade tensions after U.S. President Donald Trump said that China “has become very spoiled on trade”.

But helping ease some of the tension, Beijing has offered Trump a package of proposed purchases of American goods and other measures aimed at reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China by some $200 billion a year, U.S. officials familiar with the proposal said.

A second round of talks between senior Trump administration officials and their Chinese counterparts started on Thursday, focused on cutting China’s U.S. trade surplus and improving intellectual property protections.”



Investment plans will expire on 15th of May


I created investment plans for the VIP investors earlier. Some of you used this to earn more money. I have to make some changes in it too. As I said, I’ll lower the guaranteed profit % in average investments and the other step will be the cancellation of the investment plans. You will able to invest to the $2000 to $20000 in 6 months plan and to the $4000 to $10000 in 2 months plan in the next 48 hours, but after it, this option will be unavailable.


As I wrote I will trade less in the future, because I will work lot more on the investment projects with the VIP investors. It means that the members, who already joined my programs will earn lot faster and more, the new members will earn slower.


THIS IS A WARNING TO THOSE WHO ARE STILL THINKING ABOUT INVESTING. Don’t miss this opportunity, and multiply your money faster now!

Investors with $5 000 or higher investments, still receive unique offers


Change your mindset! Be successful!

Many free members and investors asked me about, how they can become wealthy.
I have an idea about it and I shared it with them.

My success story started when I was a child. I made my first “business” (newsletter delivering) when I was 13-14. I had a vision that I don’t want to deliver newsletters anymore, but I will find some companies, who need that and I will give the work to other 10 kids. I will ask 10% less from the companies (i found 4) and will pay the kids 50% more. Don’t forget that I received money from 4 companies and paid only once for the kids.
I received 10*4*90% (3600% more than I’d worked on my own) and paid 10*150% (1500%) to the kids. I earned 20 times more than I’d delivered as an average kid. And everyone were happy.

What did I do here?
I solved 2 problems and used leverage:
– kids wanted to earn more money. DONE
– companies wanted cheaper delivery service. DONE

All of my businesses is about the same. Solving problems to help others and myself too. I don’t need money right now, so I am giving lot of money to foundations, charities every month, but this is not important now.

What are the problems I am solving here?
– Forex trading: Most people think that they can start earn money after the reading of some books and websites. This is not right. I am teaching my strategy and force my “students” to practice .
– Forex investing: This solves many problems. Many people can’t handle the stress of trading, do not interested in it. If you are that guy, you will never be a successful trader. Lot easier to invest your money and reinvest or withdrew a nice profit.
The other problem is that Forex trading is illegal in some countries. Those can invest their money and earn nice return without violate the law.
– Investing: I created the VIP investors group. Many people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in useless investments. We are investing in projects that will solve problems. Solving problems = profitable companies. If you want to earn money, you have to invest in profitable projects.

DailyProfit4Life helps you to be successful in these areas of business.

How much can you earn?
You can earn or loose a lot with Forex trading. My strategies helps you to earn more profit than you think. You have to understand that the NO LOSS strategy helps us to not loose our money. My technical and fundamental analysis’s accuracy is 95%. The rest is handled by the NO LOSS strategy. The result is 20-100% profit monthly.
The course members, the investors know that it’s been working every month.

So, change your mindset about Forex! This is not that risky, it is risk free with my strategy.
Change your mindset about investing! Successful investors has many income sources, investments. They are investing in projects, that are “risky” for an average people. An investor see the vision behind a business plan, and see the profitability and do not hesitate to invest.

Do you have questions? Don’t waste your time! Contact me now!



SafestForex – Ready to start


Today, we will open the site of the SafestForex program. Maybe in some hours everything will be active on the site, you will be able to check it and can start to copy any account if you want.


If you want to invest some money with this option, you can start it today. The accounts are working higher profit than the expected as I wrote it yesterday.

Still have to work on the account setups of SafestForex

My plan is that the final avg. monthly profit will be between 10% and 20%.


Many VIP investors bought 1 or 2 profit shares to earn money passive income with the SafestForex project. This is a very good investment option for the VIP members and the first round is almost closed. Only 10 shares left. I will give these shares for those who join the VIP group this week and for the VIP members who invests min. $500 or buy one share of our Forex Broker, what will be launch next January.

So hurry up and receive a $1000 valued profit share as a gift.


If you are a blogger or just want to invite your friends to the SafestForex project, you can earn some extra money with it. Read the Affiliate section. You will have nice options to make money with it.

Some hours from now, the site will be active so you can check it. If you will have any question, just ask!


SafestForex.com will be launched soon (testing version for 3 months)


I wrote about this project here some days ago.

New Forex Project Will Be Launched Soon

The website is almost ready and the trading accounts are almost running. I created them yesterday and I started to trade on the accounts.

So the site is almost ready, the first tests finished fine. During the next 3 months we’ll test let anyone to register and use the system, but we’ll not promote it. After the 3rd month, we’ll start a marketing campaign to boost the program.

The VIP investors can buy profit shares of this program. 2 + 2 for $1000 each and every owner will receive 0.75% profit after each shares. 36 from the first 50 sold. So if you want to buy shares in the first round, contact me now!

I think we’ll be ready with every setup in the next 2 days, so anyone can join the program as a user or as an affiliate soon.




VIP investor’s weekend is coming


This will be my last offer to fill the group of VIP investors.

80% of the VIP group members are really active, want to learn about investing, want to know about the future projects. The rest will probably fall out from the group, because they don’t really understand that this is project can help them to become a successful investor.

But talk about my last offer. This is for all the actual actual and the new VIP investors who will join us this week.

The Group Investment’s guaranteed profit is 30% right now. I am happy that we were closed higher every month this year, so all the credit earnings was my company’s profit.

THE OFFER IS: The guaranteed minimum profit for May will be 50%. As I wrote, this is and offer for all active investments too, and for sure, the new ones what will be invested this week.

And for sure, those who want to invest more than $5000, I will give custom offers and more options to earn money.


I hope we can fill the empty places this week with some new members who really want to become investors. If you want to join us, contact me here: CONTACT FORM.

Investment plans for VIP investors!