Investment plans for VIP investors!


Investing is always seems risky to most of us. Investing to FX trading is seems very-very risky, because many people lose money in FX trading. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW, WHEN SOMEONE LOOSE MONEY, AN OTHER ONE EARNS IT. THE GOOD THING IS THAT I AM THE OTHER ONE.

If you’ve been following my posts, trades, you know that my strategy generates real good profit If you already learnt my strategy, you know how it works. If you are an investor, your money is gaining week by week.

Many new members joined us in the group investment  and in the VIP investor group. We still have places for new members, so here are some extra investment plan:

As you know there are 2 ways to become a VIP investor. You can join through the Course or the Group Investment option (https://dailyprofit4life.com/welcome-to-dailyprofit4life-vip). For the next 2 days (until midnight 10th of March) these plans are available to anyone who wants to join us. After it, these options will be available for the VIP members only.

$2 000 to $20 000 plan

As you know the Group Investment option guarantees min. 30% monthly profit to all investors. From 1st of March I reduced the trading LOT’s %, but the avg. profit will be probably between 40-60%.

This plan is an investment option for 6 month.

The base investment is $2000. You will withdraw $500 every month ($3000 duting the 6 month) and finally you will receive guaranteed $20 000 (or more if the profit % will be higher). You will receive daily and monthly statements, like you invest simply to the Group Investment option, so you will see how your money gains. If we’ll have better trading days, you can earn lot more than $20000.

$4 000 to $10 000 plan

This is a fast plan to those who want to double their money in 2 months. This a short term plan with guaranteed minimum profit. With the lower trading lots the 50% profit will be not reached every month, but for the investors of this plan I guarantee that they will receive min. $10 000 the end of the 2nd month.

So,  if you want to gain your money with guaranteed minimum profit, choose one of these plans, invest and make profit. If you want to multiply more money than $1 000-$5 000 from the begining, contact me and I’ll tell you how to gain your money safe and fast!




More than 20% profit in 4 days

In the last 4 days all investors, course members and signal users earned real nice income. Many new members and those who still thinking about join our successfull trading community, asks me about how much can he/she earn with each earning option.

Let’s check it. Start form the more profitable to the less.

#1 – Group investment

This is the more profitable earnig option.

  1. because, I guarantee that you will receive 50% profit every month. There are some month below 50% profit. Sometimes it happens… But you will receive the minimum, because I am trading with extra credit, so I earn lot more in the comany’s group account.
  2. because, I place the trades first to this and my private account.

The will receive many extra option to earn money as a VIP investor.

#2 – Forex Trading Strategy Cource 

This is the 2nd. The members are reciving signals from the first day, so they can earn with this. But the extra thing is that we are chating all day and they are trading with other pairs and they also learn how to scalp or trade after the news. That means extra 50-300 pips during a successful week.

#3 – LAMM investors

I place limited trades a week on the LAMM account. That means that because of the less trades the profit is not that high than the other options.


This is also a good option if you are fast enough . I send out the signals after I placed I placed the trades. All signals users receive an e-mail about it. They have to plase it as soon they can. If they are not that fast the trade is already in profit, so they miss it.  The other difference is that sometimes I can’t post my trades that fast. If the trade boosts fast, I do not post it.

Let’s see this week as an example. On the main accounts I made more than 20% in the last 4 days.

#1 – On my private account (base value $50 – traded lots 3-5) this was my profit:

#2 – The course members earned ~19% profit because we didn’t have too much scalping options.

#3 – LAMM investors earned ~15% profit because we had a longer GOLD trade in the begining of the week. GOLD’s leverage is not the same @ GC so to keep the account safe, we trade lot less in the first part of the week.

#4 – SIGNAL USERS earned ~ 10-12% because I couldn’t send out some real good trades to them. They made less pips than we made on the other accounts and projects.

I talked about many possible new members and they have trusting problems in the earning options, the course, etc. If you check back the stats, you can see that I shared 90% of the trades after some minutes when I placed them. You can see that most of them closed with profit, if you traded it you already made profit.

That means, that I earn real big amount of money, without yours. I’m doing these projects for 2 reasons.

  1. I want to help to people, who wants to change their lives. Who wants to earn more money…
  2. To help more people, we need more money. Me and who are following me as an investor want to help more people. If we help you to earn money we will also earn more. We can give money to poor people to start earn and it generates more money and more people in the community. DailyProfit4Life will be a huge investor community soon, with many really rich investors. This is your decision when you want to join us.

So I suggest to contact with me, start one of the projects, earn money and invest with us!



Celebrate the success of DailyProfit4Life offline projects with discounts and free services!

Today is a big day in the life of the DailyProfit4Life project. I signed a new contract with my bank, about a new credit limit to buy offices worldwide for the DailyProfit4Life offline service and the “loan to invest” program.

Our first 3 offices worked real fine (all offices generated lot more profit than the expected). During the summer , we’ll open new offices mostly in the EU, and than in all VIP investor’s country.

Because of this, today will give bonuses to you. As you know the most profitable investment option is the Group Investment. This is the best and safest option to gain your earning, and this is the base of the VIP investor program too. Both will be closed when we reach the 100 members. After it, we’ll not accept new members. If I’m right we’ll reach it in the next some months.

The offers:

#1 – Invest min. $2000 to Group Investment to became a VIP investor instantly (READ ABOUT IT HERE)
#2 – Invest $1000 to Group Investment and join the FX Trading Course free
#3 – Invest $500 to receive lifetime EXPRESS SIGNALS
#4 – The FX Trading Course’s discount price is $250
#5 – Lifetime EXPRESS SIGNALS for $100

Invest your money in the next 24 hours for garanteed (min. 50%) profit and recive extras, or join services cheaper. Just choose and contact me now!


New VIP investor joined us

Today, another VIP investor joined us today. During the week offer 4 new member joined the group investment option. They will start the free course next week.

One of the investor became VIP after he invested. First because of the amount. This shows how Daniel trust in my strategy (he follow my trades in the last 3 months as an EXPRESS SIGNAL user). The second, because he said he want to reinvest his earnings in the first 3 months. He and the other investors  will earn real huge profit in these months.

You still have some hours to join the week’s offer to start the course free .

CONTACT ME NOW! Invest, learn and earn profit month by month.

Welcome to DailyProfit4Life VIP



Invest now and join the Forex Trading Strategy Course free

This week many new members found me. Most of them can’t choose between the Investment Group – where you can earn guaranteed profit 50-100% – and the Course – where you can learn how to trade successfully with my strategy.

I thought about it. I have an offer for the group investors. They can start the course free this week*.

This is the best offer you can choose. Your investment will gain money to you + you will able to start a course ($300 priced) totally free.

So, if you invest your money in the investment group, you can sign up for the course free. You don’t have to choose.
So don’t waste your time, invest now, start earn money and learn from tomorrow.

Contact me now!

Welcome to DailyProfit4Life VIP


*min. investment to this offer is $1000.


The price of my Forex Trading Strategy Course is reduced to $300

Today I had a meeting with a professional coach and we talked about my Course. He already finished and using my strategy. He had some idea, how can I make this Course better, how can I teach the new students faster.

During we talked about it, I find out that I won’t do this for more than a year. I’ll boost DailyProfit4Life in the next 2 years, step by step.

The first step is to make the course easier and more understandable. The course have to be actual, so we’ll not automatize it. We’ll analyse and talk about the actual charts and economy events.

The final think about the course is the price. The new price of the Course + the lifetime EXPRESS SIGNALS is $300, and the discount price this week is only $250.

This week you can earn extra 10% credit if you invest to the DailyProfit4Life Group investment account this week. The min. investment is still $2000.

Many people don’t beleive in that Forex Trading can be profitable for lifetime. My plan is to show more and more people that anyone can reach financial freedom with Forex Trading. You will see that in the next 2 years DailyProfit4Life will grow huge, and you can be the part of it from the begining.



Choose my investment offer! Multiply your money fast and easy.

Forex trading is not an easy option to make money. You have to learn a lot, and you have to test many strategies to find a working one. Many people think that Forex trading is gambling, but this is not true if you learned all the lessons.

One of my preferred brokers has a very good copy trading option. With this, you don’t have to trade if you don’t want to. YES, THIS IS FOR INVESTORS…

Just invest, set up the account following and you will receive all the profit (-20% commission) after each trade. You can check the earlier statistics. CLICK HERE! My weekly earnings is between 20% – 70%.  This is real good, and this means that the investors earn avg. 30% profit every week…