Guaranteed 25% profit/month to the Group Investors until 20th of July


You know that the Group Investment is the best option for those, who don’t want to learn and trade by themselves, and those who lives in a country where Forex trading is illegal. This is also a good option to those, who lives in a country, where the tax is too high for Forex earnings.

So, Forex investing is one of the most profitable options to anyone.

I wrote about the actual situation of the Group account. We’ll change bank soon, but before it, we have to raise the account’s value, because of the changed leverage requirements. The trading on the account is still on, so we are generating profit day by day (last month 17,2% profit…).

I also wrote about the actual offer in my last newsletter: Guaranteed 25% profit to the Group Investors until 20th of July.

This is a good offer for the investors and good to us too, because we can close the account faster and move to our new bank. We’ll receive 20-25% credit to our the trading account after the transfer, so we’ll able to trade with lot higher equity, so it won’t be a problem to earn the extra profit to the new investments.

So, If you’d like to start earn nice profit on your investment every month, don’t hesitate. Invest now! Send me a contact message to receive more info.