Gold Prices Inch Higher Amid Weaker Dollar – Investing

” Gold prices were modestly higher as U.S bond yields fell and the dollar was on track to snap a three-week winning streak but traders remained cautious on the yellow metal ahead of a widely expected U.S. rate hike next week.

Gold futures for June delivery on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by $1.40 or 0.11%, to $1,302.90 a troy ounce.”



Gold Prices Subdued as Traders Remain Wary of Further Fed Rate Hikes – Investing

“Gold prices were roughly flat Monday as a Federal Reserve interest rate hike expected next week kept a lid on upside in the precious metal despite concerns of a U.S.-China trade war underpinning safe-haven demand.

Gold futures for June delivery on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by $1.30 or 0.10%, to $1,298.10 a troy ounce.

Gold prices traded in narrow range as traders weighed the prospect of further rate hikes against the return of safe-haven demand as U.S.-China trade talks over the weekend yielded limited progress, raising the prospect of a trade war between the world’s largest two economies.”



4th trade of 2018.05.15.


USD jumped more than 70 points today. I wrote about it in the DAILY REVIEW: “There will be 2 important speech and the sales numbers. I don’t really want to bet, but the USD will probably become stronger.”

I am sure that this is the right time to buy GOLD.

T.O. @ 1287,5



Always use the right trading lot and risk management!


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USD news! This is why we’re not traded too much today


All those, who finished my course knows what news are important and what to do before and after it. I suggest to not trade when the market movement is not clear. This is what happens now.

I only made some fast trades today on my personal and on the investment group’s account.

This happened with the USD:

Do you know what happened with the USD?  Why the USD’s value went up and the GOLD’s price went down?

“The dollar surged to a seven-week high, boosted by a rise in U.S bond yields. Bond yields have risen to their highest levels in four years, as inflation has added to expectations of continued rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.

Expectations of higher interest rates tend to boost the dollar by making the currency more attractive to yield-seeking investors.

Higher rates are a negative for gold as the precious metal, which does not pay interest, struggles to compete with yield-bearing assets when rates rise.”

The main problem with trading with USD is the geopoltical issues and the possible ECB news. We don’t even know when the investors will start to buy GOLD again (because of the lower price, or because of any issue). So, we have to be careful now and wait for the market movements.

THIS IS THE STATS OF MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT (account value: $50k, period: 1st of April to 23th of April).

This month, I had many things to do. I have many meetings and last week some of my friends arrived to us for a short vacation. So, sorry about the low results. I am sure that we’ll close the month strong, so if you are an investor, hurry up and join us. If you want to learn about Forex, you will not trade in real account, because this is not a good time for a beginner.


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The USD prediction was successful and still running


I wrote some words about the USD and the GOLD in the daily market review (https://dailyprofit4life.com/trading-on-wednesday-2018-03-28). I predicted that the USD will become stronger during the day and if the GDP data will be positive (everything showed that it will be good), the USD will become stronger.

This happened…

I sent this message to the signal users this morning:

All those members who joined this trade, made nice profit or their trade is still runnning.

I closed my trades @1335.

For example: this is the profit of this trade on my personal account.

The GOLD will probably move lower, so if you didn’t join this trade, open a pending trade @ 1333, set the TP to 1320-1325, TO to 1340, and use a 200-500 points Trailing Stop.



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Updates to my Friday trade – GOLD

I had a little business trade this week, so I didn’t post too much, but yesterday I shared my GOLD trading idea. This is mostly based on the stronger USD’s possible backup.

When we’re trading with GOLD, we have to check the news about GOLD itself, not only the USD’s movement. Most traders forget it, and think about it only as a currency pair what don’t have another leg. But this is the XAU in the XAUUSD.

The USD became stronger and stronger during the last some trading days, so it had to be a reversal and many things showed that this will happen soon. I predicted it to Friday. I posted about the GOLD trade idea when the price was ~1315. Later it went lower and finally closed near this price.

Will this GOLD trade be good on Monday. I have to say yes. The GOLD price will jump back to the 1330 area soon. The fundamental analisis also shows that the investors will push back the prices to the higher areas.

On Friday we had only one more trade, what also placed to earn with a wave in the USD prices. I tought that we’ll have to choose JPY as a pair. It worked and we made more than 75 pips with this trade.

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The trade of Friday

Sorry, but I didn’t really have to post to the blog this week, I only had time to send signals and contact with the Course’s students.

We placed some real good trades  this week, but here is one for today.

GOLD BUY @ 1315 (you can buy anywhere below 1320)



Use higher Trailing Stop. It will be a good trade for today. I think this trade will make nice profit to us during the US session.

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Gold Dips In Asia As Dollar Posts Minor Rebound In Early Trade – Investing

“Gold prices dipped in Asia on Monday with a mild rebound in the dollar prompting some physical selling.

Gold futures for February delivery eased 0.31% at $1,347.90 on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The US dollar index rose 0.18% to 89.03.

On Tuesday, the Federal Reserve meeting, the last under the leadership of Janet Yellen before she hands the chairmanship over to Jerome Powell, will be in focus as well as Friday’s U.S. jobs report for January and Wednesday’s euro zone inflation data.”





Trading on Monday – 2017.01.15.

The last 2 trading days was not helped us to trade. I saw many pairs near to a nice confirmation of longer term trades, but most of them retraced because of the GOLD’s and USD’s movement. This week, I’m sure that the USD will back up, but I can’t tell when and why will it happen.

As you can see, one of the news is that there will be Holiday in the United States. Only some economy numbers will be published on Monday, the EU zone’s Trade Balance, and 2 other news from New Zealand.

Lets talk about trading tomorrow.  First of all about USD.

It was really hurt what happened in last days of the week, but you can see that the USD went real low in the daily chart. Some FED speakers talked about positive future sights, and I read many forecasts about the positive movement of USD. So, I hope this will start soon.

So, what about GOLD. Price Action and some indicators also show the time of reversal. I’m waiting for confirmation, so I’m sure that I’ll not start trading near the market opening, but if the price goes down and reaches the conf. levels.

I wrote about GBPUSD earlier. It was almost reached the confirmation level, but turned back earlier. If my idea about the stronger USD will be realized it will help and on Tuesday Great Britain’s PPI and CPI will be published and the forecasts wrote about bad numbers. We’ll see what happen, how the market will start.

I’m checking many other pairs, but most of them went a little far or the indicators don’t show the signs anymore that help me to find the trading options. On Monday, I’m waiting for an easy trading day with smooth movements. But who knows. Political news can make big movements…






What happened with GOLD and USD today?

As I wrote earlier, I hoped that USD will be stronger today, but lets see what happened today and why is the USD reached that that low price.

These are the two charts. As you  can see everything started real early, when Chinese economy datas published. The USD started to  move down, the GOLD started to move up because of the mixed datas. Later the stronger EUR pushed down the USD. The German political news pushed up the EUR price.

We started the US session with real good datas. The Core CPI was better than the expected. This helped to the USD and also to the GOLD too to recover a little.

Lets talk some words about trading. I was sure about – I’m still sure – the GOLD will go down to the 1300 area and the USD will also become stronger – will go back to the 93-95 area. This is why suggested to change the Stop Loss to a hedge (buy stop) and let it close with low profit when it goes back.

This is how the signal users didn’t lose the GOLD trades @ 1331. We all earned some cents with the hedge, because the buy stops opened and closed with low profit when it went back. I placed the 2nd hedge to 1333, because I think the GOLD will make slow down movement in the evening, how the USD will go back higher a little.

I don’t really think that too much thing will happen today. The AUDNZD is the only pair that near to profit. I suggest to all signal users to close it when it goes to positive.

During the weekend, I’ll write news and infos about trading an I also suggest you to follow my programs if you want to become wealthy easily. Choose the FREE EXPERSS SIGNAL, the  LAMM INVESTMENT option, or just contact me and I’ll help you to find out the best option!