Huge profit earned with USD pairs

This morning I started to chat with all of the Forex Strategy Coure’s students about the USD. I explained an easy strategy, how to trade this afternoon. First of all, I have to show some comment under the USD chart on Investing.com.

Most of the traders on Investing.com said that the USD will go lower, only some of us said that the NFP will be positive and the USD will go up. As you can see I wrote that I’m waiting for a strong USD, above 89.00.

Shrimp is a big USD lover 😀  This time we were on the same side.

And finally. this happened after the positive numbers arrived. The USD index went above 89.00.

The Nonfarm Payrolls always an important number and as you can see, the forecast was 180k, what is 14k higher than earlier. This’d be a good number, but the published number is 20k higher than the expected. This is real big difference, and this is why the raise in the USD index and in the USD pairs was that fast and big.

Some words about how we traded today before the news. I’ll not show the whole strategy, because the members paid hundreds of dollars to learn working and profitable strategies. We used pending orders to trade. We placed Sell Stop to AUDUSD and Buy Stop to USDCAD. We placed these trades 1-2 minutes before the publishing of the NFP numbers 200 points higher/lower than the actual and waited for the news. The TP placed to 30-50 pips, with 250 points Trailing Stop. ALL TRADES REACHED TP. All students earned 7-10% profit with this 2 trades only, and another 3-5% in the EU session with scalping with GBP, and EUR pairs…

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Trading on Monday – 2018.01.22.

Last week was not only bad for the USD, but it was real bad for my mid-long term trades too. But don’t worry, we’ll recover all the losses this week.

Lets see what we’re waiting for on Monday and the whole week.

The first thing we have to talk about is the US government shutdown. The Senate will vote on Monday morning on a bill to fund the government through Feb. 8, unless Democrats agreed to hold it sooner, McConnell said on Saturday. The pressure on the USD because of the fears of the Senate’s vote is real big. I’m going to wait with new USD trades until we cant see what will happen. READ MORE ABOUT THE US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!

The other thing we have to talk about is GOLD. Because of the weakened USD the GOLD run back to the higher area in Friday. Before the market closure the USD recovered a little, so the GOLD closed lower, but not low enough…

Monday will be real weak in actual Economy numbers and news.

So, how we’re going to trade on Monday. The Forex Strategy Course members will scalp a lot. The signal users, will wait for cleaner signals. I’m watching 10 pairs right now which are near to confirmation. 4 of them are USD pairs, so if they confirmed before the US Senate’s vote, maybe we have to let them go.

Of of the top trade can be AUDJPY, AUDNZD and EURGBP.

What else can pup up or trades this week?

Monday, January 22

Canada is to report on wholesale sales.

Tuesday, January 23

The BoJ is to announce its benchmark interest rate and publish a rate statement which outlines economic conditions and the factors affecting the monetary policy decision. The announcement is to be followed by a press conference.

The UK is to release data on public sector borrowing.

The ZEW Institute is to report on German economic sentiment.

The first day of World Economic Forum meetings are due to take place in Davos, Switzerland.

Wednesday, January 24

The euro zone is to release data on manufacturing and service sector activity.

The UK is to publish its monthly jobs report.

The U.S. is to report on existing home sales.

Thursday, January 25

New Zealand is to report on consumer price inflation.

The Ifo Institute is to release data on German business climate.

The first day of World Economic Forum meetings are due to take place in Davos, Switzerland.

The EBC is to announce its latest monetary policy decision. The announcement is to be followed by a press conference with President Mario Draghi.

Canada is to release data on retail sales.

The U.S. is to produce reports on jobless claims and new home sales.

Friday, January 26

Financial markets in Australia will be closed for the Australia Day holiday.

The UK is to release preliminary data on fourth quarter economic growth.

Canada is to release what will be closely watched inflation data.

The U.S. is to round up the week with preliminary data on fourth quarter economic growth, as well as a report on durable goods orders.

These can push the currencies to confirmations or far from there. But what I’m waiting for on Monday. The USD is a HUGE “?”. The technical analysis shows bearish USD, but if we check a 1H chart shows a BUY… I hope the the Senate’s decision will be positive. The USD have to go lower if the shutdown will continue, and we only can hope that the USD will go down slow and small amounts daily.

The AUD seems to go back lower from highs and the JPY started to become stronger again. I also waiting for weaker GBP, what is confirmed by many economy forecasts for the next week. With these movements we can make nice profit this week.

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Trading on Monday – 2017.01.15.

The last 2 trading days was not helped us to trade. I saw many pairs near to a nice confirmation of longer term trades, but most of them retraced because of the GOLD’s and USD’s movement. This week, I’m sure that the USD will back up, but I can’t tell when and why will it happen.

As you can see, one of the news is that there will be Holiday in the United States. Only some economy numbers will be published on Monday, the EU zone’s Trade Balance, and 2 other news from New Zealand.

Lets talk about trading tomorrow.  First of all about USD.

It was really hurt what happened in last days of the week, but you can see that the USD went real low in the daily chart. Some FED speakers talked about positive future sights, and I read many forecasts about the positive movement of USD. So, I hope this will start soon.

So, what about GOLD. Price Action and some indicators also show the time of reversal. I’m waiting for confirmation, so I’m sure that I’ll not start trading near the market opening, but if the price goes down and reaches the conf. levels.

I wrote about GBPUSD earlier. It was almost reached the confirmation level, but turned back earlier. If my idea about the stronger USD will be realized it will help and on Tuesday Great Britain’s PPI and CPI will be published and the forecasts wrote about bad numbers. We’ll see what happen, how the market will start.

I’m checking many other pairs, but most of them went a little far or the indicators don’t show the signs anymore that help me to find the trading options. On Monday, I’m waiting for an easy trading day with smooth movements. But who knows. Political news can make big movements…






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I bet wrong today :-)

Most of the important economy infos were already published, so I’d like to write a little post about what happened. Lets see step by step what were my expectations and what happened then.

My mid/long term expectation about AUD and NZD too is negative movement. During the Asian session The Australian Retail Sales published and the AUD, became stronger. This positive retracement was stopped some hours ago and we only started to trade not long ago. The NZD pairs also not confirmed, so I’m still waiting for the right movements.

I waited for weaker EUR to trade long with some EUR pairs, but the Industrial Production and the ECB’s fresh news were also moved the EUR up.

First the stronger EUR pushed the USD down, later as you can see, the USD news were worst then the forecast. So that also not helped my ideas.

Now, you can see that there are some days, when everything goes to the other direction, This is why you have to wait for the news, and never trade near to them. We don’t have huge negative balance now, because of bad entries.

This day shows that if you follow my strategy, you will not make big mistakes and will able to make money day by day.


Trading on Monday – 2017.01.08.

Tomorrow will be the first trading day to my free users. Last week the market is started to move normally, so I think we can start to make nice profits from now.

The analysis before trading is real important. First of all you have to prepare for the news. Lets see what will happen tomorrow.

You can see that there will no any real big news tomorrow. The Halifax House Price Index’s forecast is lower and we’re waiting for weaker GBP this week, so maybe this can help us to start some trades.

The other things we have to wait for are the speeches. The FED member’s speeches can move the USD’s price higher or lower. I think the USD will become stronger this week, but we have to wait for more news and confirmations of the trend.

One more thing about tomorrow. There will be holiday in Japan, so the Yen pairs will change because of the other currencies…

We have many trading options near the confirmation.

My first pick is GOLD. The XAUUSD went real high in the last some weeks. The GOLD reached 1325 last week. It hit through some resistance level, and many indicators shows reversal on the daily and on the 240 min charts too.

The first price level, we’re waiting for is 1313,5. If the GOLD reach this level and the fundamental and technical signs still shows the same, we’ll start a trade for 30-100 pips profit. The next level will be lower…

As I wrote earlier, we have to check GBPUSD. If the economy numbers @ 9:30 (GMT +1) will be bad, the GBPUSD will able to reach the price what can confirm my SELL trading idea.

After the London market opening, we’ll see the movement of the pair. If it goes near to 1.34250, I’ll check the indicators and will search for a good entry point on the 30M chart.

We’ll also check some USD pairs for confirmation. The US speeches can help for the USD to become stronger.

So, come back tomorrow and check the posts about the news, the fresh trades.

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What is Forex trading, is it risky or not?

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Forex trading is a huge business, mostly for the brokers. They are earning on each trade. Their profit is the SPREAD. You can see the spread every time you place a trade. You start the trades with negative balance, so first you have to earn their profit 🙂

Yes, Forex trading is real risky for the investors, who dont know how the market works, and how to trade.

For example: If you trade with GOLD, you can earn $1 on each $1 investment if it moves 100 points to your direction. But you can also loose that amount easily.

This is a 15 minute chart and you can see that the GOLD was ~1322 and went down to 1314. This is 800 points of movement, so if you placed a SELL trade with 0.1 LOT you could earn $80, but with a the other direction you could loss the same amount. This graph shows of ~ 1 day’s movements, so as I wrote earlier, FX trading can be very risky.

The best question about Forex trading is that: Can you trade successfully long term?

The answer is yes. You need a good strategy with fundamental and technical analysis, with a good strategy to find good entry points and a real good risk management.

You have to check the charts and some indicators what helps you to find trends, retracements and reversals. You also have to check the news, the economy datas and political news of the world. You also have to worry about the weather – hurricanes, earthquakes costs lot for a country because of the damages, the closing weeks of companies, etc…

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Still waiting for the confirmations

Yesterday, I wrote about my idea about the USD. It started to become stronger yesterday, the EUR became weaker, but today both went back to the starting point. So we’re still waiting for the confirmations. The EXPRESS SIGNAL users received 3 signals yesterday. 2 of them closed with 7, the 3rd closed with 2 pips profit.

The first trading day for us

Lets talk about something other. We have to check GOLD. USD and GOLD (XAUUSD) is connected many ways. A strong GOLD price mostly bad for the USD, a strong USD also bad for the GOLD.

GOLD was hit through many resistance levels last year and this year this also started to recover. I think many traders are waiting for a good entry point to start long term sell trades. I saw many signal providers started to trade with GOLD, but my strategy did not confirmed the entry point. Most of them placed the SL to 1330 and 1340. Last year I read many people who started SELL trades @1285 and @1295 with 100-200 pips SL. As you can see these trades lost with big losses. I suggest to wait until the trend change confirmed.

About GOLD. I don’t think that it will go back to the 1250 area, but I’m sure that it will start to go back to the 1280 area soon.

Talk about one more thing. The Japanese Yen. The JPY is the other currency what became real weak @ the end of 2017. Before the new year it recovered a little, but this trend still not confirmed. Today the Yen became weaker again. I still think that it will  became stronger (many forecasts shows that).

I hope today something will happen what will confirm any of my ideas and we’ll able to trade with many pairs…



The first trading day for us

This week started real weak. You have to understand that our strategy need stronger movements and clear trends. In the last 24 hours the charts became a little clearer.

Lets talk about some pairs we’ll check from now.

First of all we’ll check USD pairs, because the dollar became real weak in December.


You can see that the USD was that low in September. But will it go back higher?

I’m sure that the answer is yes. Many USD pairs shows reversals and some economy forecasts also shows stronger USD in the next some days.

But which pairs will be the best for us? AUD and NZD became real strong and the same happened with EUR too. The EUR became stronger because of the European Central Bank’s decisions, the Australia and New Zealand had many positive economy datas, but this year already came out negative numbers from the EU and I’m sure that some of the forecasts are too high for AUD too.

I use 2 indicators to find the right entry area, and I’m sure that these pairs will give us real nice SELL positions.

So I think we’ll trade with this 3 pair first after the trend changes and confirmed. This afternoon (Paris time) the ISM Man. PMI will be the first US news and some hours later the FOMC Meeting Minutes can help us to confirm some possible trades.

The forecasts shows lower numbers than the earlier but in the last some trading days the final numbers were better than the expected. In the last 2 months the FOMC Meeting Minutes didn’t provide nothing interesting, so there weren’t huge movements. So we have to wait a little.

We have to wait for good maket moves. If it not happen, we will start trading, just later this week.

The EXPRESS SIGNAL users started to trade today, but from now, I’ll share the trades here to. So watch the news and come back time by time and search for the new trades.

Don’t forget to check the services – signal and investment options – if you’d like to earn faster.