Turnbull Loses Support of Key Ministers in Leadership Blow

” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull suffered a likely fatal blow to his leadership on Thursday as three key Cabinet ministers resigned and demanded he allow another ballot of party lawmakers to decide his fate.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash held a news conference to announce their resignations and demand Turnbull convene an immediate meeting. His chief rival Peter Dutton, a lightning rod for disaffection with the government’s slumping poll ratings, narrowly failed to unseat the prime minister in a vote on Tuesday and intends to challenge again.

The resignations “mean it’s game over for him and Australia will have a new leader by the end of day,” said Haydon Manning, an associate professor of politics and public policy at Flinders University. “My money would be on Dutton but you can’t rule out another candidate giving it a go.” ”



Rebound in Chinese shares, solid U.S. earnings support Asia – Investing

” A rebound in battered Chinese stock markets on Monday helped lift Asian equities, which also drew support from earnings-led gains on Wall Street in a welcome relief for investors grappling with an intensifying Sino-U.S. trade conflict.

Spreadbetters expected European stocks to open slightly higher, with Britain’s FTSE rising 0.1 percent, Germany’s DAX advancing 0.15 percent and France’s CAC adding 0.13 percent.

MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was up 0.35 percent.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.4 percent as investors snapped up shares that were hit hard during a four-day losing run.

Chinese equities were expected to remain volatile as Beijing’s trade feud with Washington showed little signs of de-escalation. ”



Dollar pares gains before Fed chairman’s testimony – Investing

“The dollar pared gains against its major peers on Tuesday, edging lower as investors awaited Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s first congressional testimony for any clues on the pace of U.S. interest rate rises.

Powell will testify on the economy and monetary policy before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee at 1400 GMT on Tuesday, followed by a testimony at the same time on Wednesday to the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.”



Trading on Tuesday – 2018.07.17.



I don’t think that that the Asian session will be too active, but the speech of Carney can move the GBP. The other big speech will be Powell’s this afternoon (EU time), so I’ll try to close all trades before his speech.



The CHF pairs will probably turn on Tuesday. The CHF is overbought and many CHF pairs shows reversal.

EUR and USD. In the last days the EUR gained the USD felt. We have to check the news and the charts, because the reversal is near. EURUSD will probably provide the biggest movement if the reversal starts.

USDCHF is my third pick. Another good combination of the oversold and overbought pairs.




Trading on Monday – 2018.07.16.



Next week will start with a calm morning, but the US session will be a little more active because of the Sales data.

My prediction about trading on Monday is simple. The USD will probably fall like the GBP. We have to check the GBP pairs for reversals and some of the USD’s will be good for trading like NZDUSD was on Friday afternoon.



There are two pairs, that probably will be confirmed on Monday morning.

AUDNZD will be a nice trade. Those insiders who saw my trades last week, saw that I made nice profit when AUDNZD turned up. We’ll do the same soon with the down movement.

I wrote about the falling USD and GBP. If the USD will fall on Monday, probably the EUR will become stronger, and if the GBP will be weaker, the EURGBP will boost 300-700 points before the US session.

I won’t create the new account for the $100 to $1,000,000 project this weekend, so I’ll share the trades here.


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Trading on Thursday – 2018.06.14.



The Australian Employment Change can be the first market mover of this day, but not the most important. Investors will wait for the European Central Bank’s Interest Rate Decision and the Press Conference after it. The important US Sales news will be published when the ECB Press Conference will start, so I don’t think that we have to check these news. 99% that these datas will not move the market, the speech will do it. The EUR’s movement will push or pull the other currencies to a random direction.



I have 2 AUD pairs to check. This is the easiest one, because if it confirms, it will probably reach profit without any problem.

The 2nd one, the EURAUD is not that easy. If it won’t be closed before the ECB decision, it will probably go to the other direction (my bet is a positive EUR after the decision and the press conference).

So be carefull and check the new trades on HundredToMillion.com.


News of 2018.06.12.

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 Trading on Tuesday – 2018.06.12.

The main political happening that we are waiting for is the Trump-Kim summit. I will probably share some infos about it… The most importan economy datas will come from Great Britain, but we also have to be careful…

Trump and Kim Jong Un Pledge to Work Towards ‘Complete Denuclearization’

“U.S. President Donald Trump described his meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un as “honest, direct and productive” after North Korea pledged to work towards complete denuclearization. “We are ready to start a new history, to begin a new…





 Daily statistics – 2018.06.12.

Yesterday we closed a nice trading day. We closed many nice trades. Not just my strategy worked fine, but the EA also made profit. You can see my trades on the TRADES posts. The best ones were the EURCAD and…


AUDJPY trade on Tuesday – 2018.06.12. – CLOSED WITH PROFIT

Another JPY pair confirmed. Come back to see the updates! 🏆🏆🏆 AUDJPY TRADE CLOSED @ 83.671 💰💰💰 20 PIPS EARNED 🤑🤑🤑😂😂😂





Earnings on SafestForex accounts – 2018.06.12.

All accounts made profit but this Tuesday was not good for all strategies. THE ANALYST This account was one of the “looser” of the day. The profit was real low, because the market moved the other direction, so we had…




Statistics of 2018.06.12.

We closed a nice day on Tuesday too. The $144 profit is very nice for a day. The EA closed nice profit with new trades, but the old AUDUSD line still didn’t solved. Maybe today… The Equity is very safe, safer than in the trading weeks. I don’t have to write too much about the […]






Euro rises on Italy relief, Canadian dollar dips after G7 row – Investing

” The euro rose to a near two-week high on Monday after assurances from Italy that it would not leave the European Union calmed investors’ nerves before a key European Central Bank (ECB) policy meeting.

Italy’s economy minister said on Sunday his new coalition government would not leave the euro or issue securities to pay off companies owed money by the state, a plan investors viewed as a first step toward exiting the bloc. ”



Yen ticks up, Canadian dollar dips after G7 trade fracas – Investing

I wrote about the stronger JPY earlier in the daily MARKET REVIEW

“The safe-haven yen edged higher while the Canadian dollar fell in early Asian trade on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump threw the G7’s efforts to show a united front into disarray following a verbal spat with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The yen, which is often used as a funding currency for riskier investments and tends to gain when investors’ risk appetite sags, rose 0.15 percent to 109.40 yen on the dollar.

The Group of Seven summit held in Canada laid bare a deep rift on trade and tariffs between Trump and other leaders as the U.S. president tweeted he was backing out of the joint communique and lashed out against Trudeau.

Trump has infuriated the European Union, Canada and Mexico by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and the latest G7 jolt is expected to keep financial markets on tenterhooks amid fears of a global trade war.”



Trading on Monday – 2018.06.11.

This week will be GBP’s week. I wrote about that the GBP will be stronger many times. I tell you the same thing again. The GBP will probably go up during this week, because of the predicted positive economy datas…


The #1 news is that there will be Holiday in Australia.

During the EU session, Trading and Production numbers will be published (probably positive numbers), that can boost the GBP. I am not planning to trade with GBP on Monday, but the positive news can generate good trading signs on some pairs.

The US session will be probably calm, but the political issues can generate movements all day.



CHFJPY is one of the JPY pairs that shows retracement on it’s charts (many timeframes). JPY will probably bounce back a little soon, so we’ll able to place some shorts soon.

EUR pairs will probably go down on Monday. AUD can be a nice pair of the EUR because of the holiday in AU. This trade seems good if you check the charts and if you are thinking about the market movements too.

EURCAD also a good option for the “weaker EUR” idea. CAD probably will be stronger during the US session. The USD’s movement is not clear to me, because of President Trump. He many ruined my trades many times, so I don’t like to trade before I see clearly the movement of the USD.

Come back tomorrow, check the news and visit $100 to $1,000,000 to see the new trades.