Guaranteed 25% profit/month to the Group Investors until 20th of July


You know that the Group Investment is the best option for those, who don’t want to learn and trade by themselves, and those who lives in a country where Forex trading is illegal. This is also a good option to those, who lives in a country, where the tax is too high for Forex earnings.

So, Forex investing is one of the most profitable options to anyone.

I wrote about the actual situation of the Group account. We’ll change bank soon, but before it, we have to raise the account’s value, because of the changed leverage requirements. The trading on the account is still on, so we are generating profit day by day (last month 17,2% profit…).

I also wrote about the actual offer in my last newsletter: Guaranteed 25% profit to the Group Investors until 20th of July.

This is a good offer for the investors and good to us too, because we can close the account faster and move to our new bank. We’ll receive 20-25% credit to our the trading account after the transfer, so we’ll able to trade with lot higher equity, so it won’t be a problem to earn the extra profit to the new investments.

So, If you’d like to start earn nice profit on your investment every month, don’t hesitate. Invest now! Send me a contact message to receive more info.


Trading on Monday – 2018.05.21



Tomorrow, will be low in European news, but maybe the FOMC members’ speeches will generate some movements tomorrow. We’ll see that will we have trading options or not…




AUDJPY shows a possible reversal. The trading signal didn’t confirm yet.

We started to trade with GOLD last week. My analysis was failed a little, but now many insicatrs also shows that the GOLD will go up.  So I think we’ll place new GOLD trades tomorrow.


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Ask your questions here! If you don't have any question, because you read and understand it, just leave it blank and I'll send you the instructions to start the option you chose.


Free program – What is this?

FREE PROGRAM is created to those who haven’t got enough money to invest or to pay the price of the course and learn how to trade.

In the last two weeks many people found me through this option, but most of them misunderstood something.

#1 – This is not a free course. If you want to learn my strategy, you have to pay for my time. My course is not a fast one. You have to practice and learn until you can’t use my strategy perfectly. This is a 1-3 months procedure.

ow can you pay my time? Pay the price of the course (you pay my time directly), or invest money to the group investment (I’ll receive more credit options on the company account, so I’ll earn more. We both earn more, so my time is paid.).

#2 – This is not for those who knows better… I don’t really care about, do you know anything about Forex trading or not. I don’t care. But if you register, the steps are these. You open an account. I connect it to another account and you will earn money with it. If you want to learn how to trade, don’t spend the money you earn, register to the course or invest and join the course free. But if you close a trade or open trades, I’ll drop you out from the program.

XM gives $30 to the new members. This is a little risky, because in my opinion you have to start trading with min. $100 but it is better if you can start $500. You have to know that until today I never lost this $30 credit and all of the free members made profit. This is the profit of the last trading week on one of the FREE PROGRAM member’s account:

0.01 LOT is safe for trading on a $100 account, not on a $30 account, but you can see, that the profit was more than $10.  In some weeks, the account’s value will be safe and he will earn nice profit every month.

Will I teach him how to trade? Will I tell him why I paced these trades? No. Read the posts on the site, you will learn something about how to trade, but you will not learn my strategy. Why? Because you can not learn how to trade from a book, or  from some posts. You have to understand, practice the parts of the strategy and I have to correct your inaccuracy.

Do you want to start the FREE PROGRAM, accept and understand what is it? CLICK HERE!

INVESTORS HURRY UP! Receive 5% deposit bonus credit to your investment until the end of May. Are you planning to invest more than $5000? Contact me for unique offer!

Ask your questions here! If you don't have any question, because you read and understand it, just leave it blank and I'll send you the instructions to start the option you chose.


BTC and ETH will fall lower


If you are interested in Cryptocurrencies, you probably read a lot about the possibilities. You can find bullish and bearish investors too, but I suggest to check the news and the charts.

You can read about that the restrictions are still not solved and many famous and important investors has negative speeches about BitCoin and Cryptos.

Just check the DAILY chart of BTC and ETH. What can we see here? Confirmed RSI reversal! If you are a trader, you probably you are selling BTC and ETH now.

This trend is not a short one. I don’t suggest to invest in cryptos in the next some weeks/months.

The best choice for now is investing your BTC or ETH. Do I suggest to buy other coins? Not really. The best way to earn money during this trend is investing to the Forex Group Investment.

The Forex is still the most predictable market, where you can earn money. The biggest market – in volume – with usually clear trends, reversals and retracements. As you know, we earn nice profit also in bearish and bullish trends too. With one of the best trading strategies, I can guarantee that all BTC and ETH investors will earn lot more profit in the next 1-2 month.


Probably the cryptocurrencies will boost from the end of summer or from early autumn. More and more liquidity providers, crypto and e-wallet exchangers, are planning to start use cryptos. I received many good startup ideas, that want to accept cryptocurrencies too. I received fresh infos from some European crypto miners, that they will receive cheaper electricity from September/October again. Same information arrived from Asia too, so the hopes about the $40k-$50k BTC price can be reached till the end of the year.

But until it, start invest in Forex. Send a message now! 



Dollar Rides Surging Bond Yields to Fresh Highs

” The dollar rose to a new high for the year against its rivals supported by a strong wave of buying on the back of surging bond yields and economic data pointing to underlying strength in the U.S. economy.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, rose by 0.43% to 92.95. The greenback hit a fresh high for the year of 93.35. ”



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Trading on Tuesday – 2018.05.15



The Asian session will start with RBA Meeting Minutes. My bet is that the AUD will become stronger. Yesterday, I shared that I see the possibility of the falling of AUDNZD. This trade was not confirmed (failed).

In the morning (EU time) a medium data will come out from Japan. I am still waiting for the weaker JPY during the Asian session. This data will probably help our trades.

What are we waiting from the EU session? I wrote about it earlier. Weaker EUR, stronger GBP and CHF.

There will be 2 important speech and the sales numbers. I don’t really want to bet, but the USD will probably become stronger.



Yesterday, I shared 4 trades:

CADCHF –  Confirmed, placed and near 0 pip all day.

AUDNZD – Not confirmed. Waiting for new trading opportunity.

NZDJPY – Still waiting for confirmation. STRONG SUPPORT ZONE REACHED!

USDCAD –  Near to confirmation. Possible trade soon.


AUDUSD is near to confirmation. The problem is that strong AUD news will come during the AUD session. I’ll probably set a “news trade”.

This pair also near to confirmation. I am waiting for weaker EUR and stronger GBP for tomorrow, so this can be a nice trade with big profit.

Come back tomorrow and check the posts about the new trades.



Investment plans will expire on 15th of May


I created investment plans for the VIP investors earlier. Some of you used this to earn more money. I have to make some changes in it too. As I said, I’ll lower the guaranteed profit % in average investments and the other step will be the cancellation of the investment plans. You will able to invest to the $2000 to $20000 in 6 months plan and to the $4000 to $10000 in 2 months plan in the next 48 hours, but after it, this option will be unavailable.


As I wrote I will trade less in the future, because I will work lot more on the investment projects with the VIP investors. It means that the members, who already joined my programs will earn lot faster and more, the new members will earn slower.


THIS IS A WARNING TO THOSE WHO ARE STILL THINKING ABOUT INVESTING. Don’t miss this opportunity, and multiply your money faster now!

Investors with $5 000 or higher investments, still receive unique offers


Trading on Monday – 2018.05.14



Tomorrow will be the day of speeches. FOMC and ECB members speeches can move the market. Not only the USD and the EUR will move, but the GBP, CHF too.

Fed members will probably talk about the possible changes in the monetary policy and about rate hikes during the year. The European Central Bank’s members will also talk about monetary policy and about Brexit too.


I have 4 pairs for Monday to check. These pairs near to confirmation.

CAD will back up soon. This will move many CAD pairs. CADCHF probably will be the best for this trade.

NZD felt a lot after the Interest rate decision last week. This falling slowed down and will probably back up.  The technical analysis shows a possibility of a retracement on the AUDNZD. The confirmation is not that near, we have to wait for it.

The technicals of the NZDJPY also shows a possible backup. The JPY is still strong. It will become weaker in the first 2 days of the week, but it will probably stronger, because the expectations of the economy datas will be positive.

USDCAD is a big question. The CAD will become stronger. I am sure about it. The USD is another question. It will probably fall during the next week, but a reversal will be possible, so it can be a nice trade.

Come back tomorrow and check the posts about the new trades.



Change your mindset! Be successful!

Many free members and investors asked me about, how they can become wealthy.
I have an idea about it and I shared it with them.

My success story started when I was a child. I made my first “business” (newsletter delivering) when I was 13-14. I had a vision that I don’t want to deliver newsletters anymore, but I will find some companies, who need that and I will give the work to other 10 kids. I will ask 10% less from the companies (i found 4) and will pay the kids 50% more. Don’t forget that I received money from 4 companies and paid only once for the kids.
I received 10*4*90% (3600% more than I’d worked on my own) and paid 10*150% (1500%) to the kids. I earned 20 times more than I’d delivered as an average kid. And everyone were happy.

What did I do here?
I solved 2 problems and used leverage:
– kids wanted to earn more money. DONE
– companies wanted cheaper delivery service. DONE

All of my businesses is about the same. Solving problems to help others and myself too. I don’t need money right now, so I am giving lot of money to foundations, charities every month, but this is not important now.

What are the problems I am solving here?
– Forex trading: Most people think that they can start earn money after the reading of some books and websites. This is not right. I am teaching my strategy and force my “students” to practice .
– Forex investing: This solves many problems. Many people can’t handle the stress of trading, do not interested in it. If you are that guy, you will never be a successful trader. Lot easier to invest your money and reinvest or withdrew a nice profit.
The other problem is that Forex trading is illegal in some countries. Those can invest their money and earn nice return without violate the law.
– Investing: I created the VIP investors group. Many people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in useless investments. We are investing in projects that will solve problems. Solving problems = profitable companies. If you want to earn money, you have to invest in profitable projects.

DailyProfit4Life helps you to be successful in these areas of business.

How much can you earn?
You can earn or loose a lot with Forex trading. My strategies helps you to earn more profit than you think. You have to understand that the NO LOSS strategy helps us to not loose our money. My technical and fundamental analysis’s accuracy is 95%. The rest is handled by the NO LOSS strategy. The result is 20-100% profit monthly.
The course members, the investors know that it’s been working every month.

So, change your mindset about Forex! This is not that risky, it is risk free with my strategy.
Change your mindset about investing! Successful investors has many income sources, investments. They are investing in projects, that are “risky” for an average people. An investor see the vision behind a business plan, and see the profitability and do not hesitate to invest.

Do you have questions? Don’t waste your time! Contact me now!



Statistics of this week – 2018.05.07.-2018.05.11.


The statistics of this week, was clear. I closed all trades in the company account. The profit is good enough, I hope you liked it too.

Finally The AUDCAD is closed with some profit. Finally closed the week with 178 pips profit and 11,6% profit what is a very good result for a week.

From next week, I will share the trades, many info and news daily. I’ll share many charts in advance, to show some possible trades for the next day.  You will see that my analysis is good in 90% what is very good in Forex.

Come back every day, read, learn and the most important earn money with my help!