Fed Dots in Focus as Market Awaits Rate Hike

” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has repeatedly played down the central bank’s “dot plot” as a guide to future interest rates, but Wall Street just won’t take the hint.

While the Federal Open Market Committee is almost certain to raise rates a quarter point at the close of a two-day meeting Wednesday, investors are focused on whether the panel will signal one or two additional 2018 hikes when it releases updated interest-rate forecasts with the policy decision at 2 p.m. Powell will begin his press conference 30 minutes later.

The FOMC was about evenly split in March when it projected three hikes this year, so just one participant switching to four hikes could shift the median of the committee. Accelerating growth and inflation rising to target might argue for a more aggressive tightening, while lackluster wage increases and fragile emerging markets would suggest caution.”



Trading on Wednesday – 2018.02.21.

Wednesday will be the first active day of the week.

During the EU session Manufacturing PMIs will be published, but the main and most important will be the Inflation Report Hearings of the UK.

The US sessin will be active too. After the US PMI and Home Sales numbers  @ 20:00 (GMT +1:00) the FOMC Meeting will start.

So what I’m expect about tomorrow. First of all stronger AUD. AUD ‘s price is still low and sisn’t jumped, however the economy numbers are not that bad.

The 2nd currency is the EUR. It will go up and down again. The numbers will probably be mixed and I don’t think that we’ll see real high or low PMI numbers.

GBP can be the big market mover tomorrow. I bet on a big positive movement after the Inflation Report. We’ll not trade with GBP, because we don’t know the exact inflation datas and we also don’t know what will the Monetary Policy Committee Members say.

The US session’s main event is the FOMC Meeting Minutes. The last some FOMC Minutes did not moved the market too much, because nothing interesting happened. But this time I think the maket will move bigger, and I’m waiting for a positive movement.

About the pairs we’ll check. We’ll wait for the news, economy number publishments, meetings and speeches. We’ll trade mostly after the news, waiting for retracements. We’ll have many trading options, but mostly in the afternoon.

Come back some hours later to check the fresh trades!


Trading on Thursday – 2018.02.01.

Today, I was not lucky with the news. During the day every movement ruined the signals was near to confirmation. But @ the end the FOMC Statement and the Interest Rate Decision helped.

The FED kept the Interest rate between 1,25%-1,50%. READ ABOUT THE MEETING HERE!

This happened with the USD:

If you analize the USD chart in the 15M and 30M you can see Bullish candle stick pattern and the 1H technical analysis also shows Bullish direction. So the last 2 candle must be a small retracement.

Talk some words about the news tomorrow.

You can see that tomorrow will be filled with fresh economy numbers, but the most importants will be the German (EU’s leader’s), the British and the US Manufacturing PMI. These can make the biggest movements tomorrow.

Today, the Forex Strategy Course students made many clear and fast trades, with EURJPY, GBPAUD, EURUSD and generated 30-70 pips profit easily.

If I’m right and USD will become stronger tomorrow, we’ll receive clear signals to EUR, and USD pairs and to GOLD too. GBP also can be a good option, but mostly if the British PMI will be worse than the expected.





Dollar under Pressure before Fed Decision – Investing

“The dollar came under renewed selling pressure on Wednesday, sliding lower against a basket of the other major currencies ahead of the Federal Reserve’s policy decision.

The dollar has come under pressure as it has lost its relative yield attraction for investors. A faster rate of monetary tightening outside the U.S. would lessen the divergence between the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

The dollar showed limited reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, in which he urged Congress to pass legislation to stimulate at least $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure spending.

Investors remained cautious ahead of a slate of events this week, including the Fed’s two-day policy meeting that ends later on Wednesday and Friday’s U.S. employment report for January.”




Trading on Wednesday – 2018.01.31.

Lets talk about tomorrow news.The Asian Session will start with Japanese and Australian numbers. We’re interested in the Australian CPI and if it’ll be good, it’ll help us to close the AUDNZD trade.

The 2nd thing we’re waiting for is the Trump Speech, what can help the USD to become stronger again.

The European economy numbers will be published from 8:00-11:00. The forecasts shows weaker numbers than the earliers. I’ll be real happy if the EUR will become weaker.

During the US session the US employment datas and the Canadian GDP will be published first, but we have to be careful because of the FOMC Statetement and the Interest Rate Decision.

So, as you can see, tomorrow will be full of happenings what can ruin or help our trades to close fast. I’ll be real careful tomorrow, so we’ll only make short trades and we’ll hedge our trades near the important news.

I will watch the Trump Speech and will prepare for trading. I hope most of the Forex Strategy Course students will be up with me and scalping after the news…

Come back tomorrow and check the new trades, or join the EXPRESS SIGNALS now and receive the signals on time.


Gold Prices Dip In Asia As Bank of Japan And People’s Bank Of China Eyed – Investing

“Gold prices eased slightly in Asia on Thursday as investors debated the prospect of China sharly trimming puchases of US Treasurys and whether the Bank of Japan is set to inch forward on a way out of its aggressive monetary policy.

Comex gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange dipped 0.06% to $1,318.50 a troy ounce.

Overnight, gold prices were hovering near four-month highs on Wednesday, as sentiment on the U.S. dollar weakened ahead of retail sales and inflation reports due at the end of the week.”



Fed’s Williams says price-level targeting has benefits – Investing

” The U.S. Federal Reserve could better fight a recession by committing to keep interest rates lower for longer to keep average inflation on a steady upward path over the years, San Francisco Fed President John Williams said on Monday.

Williams in the past has spoken favorably of this approach to monetary policy, known as price-level targeting.”



Fed policymaker sees further rate rises – BBC

“US interest rates are likely to rise again next month and a further three times next year, one of the Federal Reserve’s rate-setters has said.

John Williams, who sits on the Fed’s Open Markets Committee, said a rate rise in December “makes sense, at least based on the information I have today”.

He also told the BBC he was “pencilling in” three further increases next year, as interest rates returned gradually to “a normal level” of about 2.5%.”



Donald Trump nominates Jerome Powell as Fed chair – BBC

” On Thursday, President Trump thanked Ms Yellen for her stewardship of the bank, calling her a “wonderful woman who has done a terrific job”.

Mr Powell, who has an estimated income of between $20m and $55m (£15m-£41m), is a lawyer by training and a former partner in the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s biggest investment companies.

He was appointed to the Federal Reserve board in 2012 and has voted with the majority on issues such as interest rates.

In brief remarks on Thursday, Mr Powell said the economy has made progress since the financial crisis and pledged to make decisions “with objectivity, based on the best available evidence”.”



Daily review – 2017.11.01.

Be careful today because this is the day of the FOMC Statement and the Fed Interest Rate Decision. This will make the one of the biggest movement in the market…

I’m in vacation right now, so I will not make too many trades today before the FOMC Statement. You also have to worry about GB’s PMI and other US news before the Statement, so if you’re using my trading strategies today, don’t forget about these events, because these can ruin your trades.


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