Dollar Regains Ground as Euro Retreats from Three-Year High – Investing

“The dollar pushed higher against a basket of the other major currencies on Tuesday as the euro pulled back from three-year highs scaled amid growing expectations that the European Central Bank could pare back its monetary stimulus this year.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was up 0.34% to 90.44 by 08:43 AM ET (13:43 GMT). The index plumbed a three-year low of 90.05 on Monday.

EUR/USD was down 0.35% to 1.2223, pulling away from Monday’s highs of 1.2296, which was the strongest level since December 2014.”



EUR, USD and the other main currencies

I have some time before I go to meet with some of my friends. So, I’m going to write some words about what happened today until now.

First of all we have to talk about the EURO. The European session started strong again. The EUR jumped 33 points higher today. This helped us to close one of our morning trade with more than 60 pips profit.

The 2nd most important currency for us right now is the USD. There is holiday in the United Stats, but the currency is moving because of the political issues and the other economies and commodities. Mostly the EUR and the USD moves to different direction. This happened today again, but today the EUR pushed down other currencies too, so some of the USD pairs not moved too much. Our USDJPY buy trade didn’t moved too much because both the USD and the JPY became weaker.

The US session will start soon without the US market open. That means that Canada can make extra movements, but we’re not waiting for any big news from there. But don’t think that nothing extra will happen. The politics can move the market today too. The US government shutdown, Trump Tweets or any speech from there can move the USD higher lower anytime.

If nothing extra happen, the market will push back the USD higher and GOLD’s price down. This is why we placed a sell trade now. We’ll see what’ll happen, but many indicators shows reversal again, and I hope that noone will not ruin this trade now.

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Euro hits three-year high as Europe leads global optimism – Investing

“The euro hit a fresh three-year high on Monday as optimism around growth buoys expectations of tighter policy from central banks, while the chance of a pro-European coalition in Germany also boosted confidence in the continent.

With the world in general and Europe in particular showing signs of sustained economic growth, global stocks benchmarks jumped to fresh highs, even though investors are now pricing in the withdrawal of central banks’ extraordinary stimulus.

That view was given further fuel last week by an account of European Central Bank discussions which suggested policymakers could soon start preparing the ground for a reduction in support.”



Euro Hits Day’s Highs after ECB Minutes – Investing

“The euro rose to the day’s highs on Thursday after the minutes of the European Central Bank’s December meeting said officials should consider a gradual shift in guidance from early 2018.

EUR/USD hit a high of 1.2013 and was at 1.2003 by 08:00 AM ET (13:00 GMT), up 0.41% for the day from around 1.1935 earlier.

The ECB should revisit its communication stance in early 2018 and gradually adjust its language to reflect improved growth prospects, the minutes of the bank’s latest policy meeting which was held last month, said.”