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I created this site for 2 main reasons. The first is that I’d like to create a sub section for blogging, the AdSense Millionaire and the Wealthy Affiliate program. The 2nd is that I’d like to monitor the AdSense income after an e-mail or social promotion.

The DailyProfit4Life.com is mostly about Forex trading and I don’t want to post too much on the main site about blogging. So here, I’ll show you, why is it good to register to the AdSense Millionaire program, why is it good to use Wealthy Affiliate program as a tool of your blogging career and mostly to show you how to gain your earnings with my promotional services.

So from this weekend, I’ll post here about blogging, online marketing and about tools to help you become successful.


The first posts on partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com from VegansLoveToEat.com

A day ago I created http://partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com as a free option for bloggers and website owners to promote their site. You can submit any new post, article, page on this site and I’ll promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and on my Newsletter list (thousands of readers). So if you are interested in this free offer, come and register now to this free offer!

I asked one of my friends to place some posts on the site as an example. My friend has a vegan recipe blog http://veganslovetoeat.com where she shares her favorite recipes.

The 2 post you can read about now are:

Fresh vegan basil pesto – VegansLoveToEat.com

Mini veggie burgers – VegansLoveToEat.com


Partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com launched

The BLOGGING area’s PARTNER’S POSTS option is ready to use. If you have a website and you’d like to receive free traffic to your website, just register yourself to http://partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com/ as an AUTHOR and submit your posts.

Why is it good for you?

If you’re submitting a post on this website, I’ll share it on https://dailyprofit4life.com, on Facebook, Twitter and Google + and also I’ll share it on my Newsletter lists.

Please click here to read more about it: http://partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com/about-this-website





Promotion is the most important thing for a blogger. I’ll post many tips and suggestions how to make more real traffic/targeted vistors to your blog by yourself and what kind of tools I suggest to use.

I also suggest to order my promotional offers, what will generate more profit to your site cheaper than you can find.

These are my promotional offers. Each offer is about one week promotion. If you like to ask for more promotion to your site, order it to other pages/posts and I’ll make promotion to all of your urls.

Facebook promotion – $10

Real Facebook traffic is the best stuff. You can make huge money with it and you can receive real returning visitors. Facebook and other social media sites are th ebest place make your site famous. For $10, I’ll share your link and your message to my Facebook timeline and page, many Facebook groups in your niche. I’m sure if you order this promotion package, you will come back and order it time by time.


E-mail promotion – $10

This is a very good option to boost your website traffic. Me and you will create a nice e-mail message with your site’s link to my newsletter readers. I have a newsletter with almost 15 000 subscribers. I’ll send your promo e-mail 3 times in a week.


Submit your post – FREE

You can submit any post to partnerposts.dailyprofit4life.com. Just CLICK HERE, fill the form and you will receive an Author login to the site. You will able to place your post here. You will receive the rules of the submition after you registered. I’ll share all the submitted posts daily on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Don’t forget that never use automated traffic, PTC sites (all kind of sites what pays/asks members to visit websites), any kind of fake traffic, because Google will disable your account and not easy to create a new one or find a better option to generate real big profit.

Please comment here if you have any question about promotion or blogging!