Discount offer for December

As I wrote earlier, I will have a 1 week holiday next week, what means, I’ll not post the trades here, just send them to my free or paid subscribers. (CHECK THE PROGRAMS N THE TOP MENU TO FOLLOW ONE!)

But after that – 10th of Dec. – , you will able to follow all my trades, day by day totally free. You have to refresh the site some times a day to not miss trades, but many readers make nice profit this way too.

So, here is my offer for the paid express signals:

🏆🏆🏆Join the best forex signal for guaranteed weekly profit!🏆🏆🏆
💰$20 $15 – 1 month subscription, PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIES 
💰💰$75  $60– 6 months subscription, PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIES 
💰💰💰💰💰$100 $80 – 1 year subscription. PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIES 


One more thing. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT PLACES ALL FILLED! So, you have to wait a little. I’m working on a new project with one of my brokers, what will bee good for all investors (who not really want to trade, just earn money month by month). We’ll test this method in December, so if everything will work fine, it will be available to anyone from January.

With this option, you will able to earn almost the same profit without placing any trade. You just place your money to your account and you will receive your earnings day by day… I’ll post about it, when this option will be available.

How can you make money with Forex trading and the Express Signals?

If you never traded earlier, I suggest to start my FREE PROGRAM and I will guide you step by step.

Traders knows something about LOT sizes and how to place trades. As a signal user, you will know, what is your actual max. trading lot amount. When you receive a signal, you have to place the buy or sell trade as soon you can. Then you set the Stop Loss , Take Profit and the Trailing Stop too. If you follow the instructions, you will earn nice profit every month.

About the earnings:

For example if you have an account with $1000 balance, your trading lot is 0,1 for the “A” and “B” trades, 0,05 for the “C” trades.

Last week the finalized stats of our trades was 591 pips (https://dailyprofit4life.com/closing-stats-2017-12-08). That means that the trades made 5910 point of positive movement. 1 pip movement brings ~$0.08 after each 0.01 lot trade. So the summary of a $1000 account is ~$0.08*10*591=$472.8.

And YES, that means that in a week, my followers earned the half of their accounts value.