Trading on Wednesday – 2018.05.16



The main economy numbers we have to check is the Japanese GDP, the EUR zone’s CPI and Mr. Mario Draghi’s speech. The US economy numbers will probably bad.

The expected movements for tomorrow will be negative for the JPY, EUR and USD too. The GBP will probably become stronger.



Yesterday, we talked about some trades:





I wrote about AUDNZD on Monday. This pair’s signal didn’t confirmed. Tuesday was about moving higher, but a new signal appeared. There is a chance for confirmation during the Asian session.

NZDJPY was a possible trade in the last two days. The bad Japanese GDP can help to earn with the pair’s positive movement. We have to wait for confirmation.

USD became lot stronger today. I placed GOLD buy trades because of the strong reversal signals. USDJPY can be another pair, that can be a good choice for tomorrow.


Trading on Friday – 2018.03.30.


Today is Holiday in many countries. This is the biggest day for students the “No Homework Day”.

Ok today it is on the same day with “Good Friday”, so in many countries the schools are closed 😀

But what about the Forex market? GOLD, SILVER, etc. are closed but the Forex will be open. Ester is not a wordwide holiday, so the Forex market will be open today and on Monday too.

But Easter is a big holiday, so most of the investors, traders will not trade, so the movements will be probably low.

Only some medium numbers will be published today. The maket will probably not move too much because of them.

So how will we trade? We’ll check the technicals and the political news. If something happens, we’ll try to earn with it.

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Come back later to check the trades! Have a nice day,


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Trading on Thursday – 2018.03.29.


Let’s see a fast review about tomorrow. As you can see the main news will be the German job datas and the British and the Canadian GDP.

I haven’t got too much info to tell what will happen, because I had no time to read forecasts and economy news, but I can tell you what can be good for our trading strategy.

We need weaker GBP and EUR, stronger USD and CAD. Will it happen? I’ll write about it, in the new trade posts. probably we’ll have some tomorrow.



Trading on Wednesday – 2018.03.28.


Yesterday was about the retracement of the USD.

But do you know what happened? Will the rising continue?

Probably, yes. Because of to things:

  • USD against Sterling. Sterling’s price is falling what pushes the USD up.
  • the fear of US-China trade war is lot lower, so investors started to come back. The bad datats stopped the movement for a while, but didn’t change the new trend.

Wednesday’s most important data is the US GDP (probably better than the expected). This data will able to push the USD higher and the GOLD’s price down.

The other question is, how will the british HPI datas will change the GDP price. My bet is that it will not really move it, the GBP will be weaker and weaker.

I think that the EUR will go to lower areas, becuase nothing holds it up. The investors has better options to trade…

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Trading on Monday – 2018.03.26.


Let’s see the the news first. Monday will be weak in news, but don’t worry. We closed Friday with an up and down movement, what means that probably the trades will start to go the stronger direction. That means, that many trading signals will probably will be confirmed in the first half of the day.

You can see that there will be no any extra economy data publishing during the Asian session.

The EU session will be a little better with the French GDP (I bet for weaker EUR) and a British number, the Gross Mortgage Approvals ( also negative movement). Mr. Weidmann’s speech will probably not move the EUR to other direction, but we’ll see. As you know I don’t suggest to trade before news, mostly before speeces, because the “Speeker” can something terrible or real good. You can’t predict it…

During the US session, there will be 2 speeches. Not long ago, a Dudley speech gave a big push to the USD. So we have to be carefull with this guy 😀

Let’s see the pairs.

The CAD will probably become stronger, so many of the CAD pairs will show good trading signals. The bests can be GBPCAD, CADCHF and EURCAD. We also have to check USDCAD (but USD will probably go up, so it will be not a good pair of the CAD).

My other currency for monday is AUD. It fall a lot on Friday, and we’ll probably see a positive movement soon. So if it will happen, AUDJPY, AUDNZD and AUDUSD will all go up. The movement will be mid term (50-200 pips).

So, come back some hours after the market opening and check the new trades.

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Trading on Wednesday – 2018.03.21.

Today will be a big day for FX trades. Some important decisons and economy numbers will probably move the market.

We have three main currencies today, the GBP, USD and NZD.


I bet that Claimant Count Change will move the market and this nuber will probably be a lower one than the expected.  The Avg. Earning Index aseems almost the same like earlier, so the movement will be probably BEARISH.


The Fed Interest Rate Decision is very important. The main problem with it, that the Fed will probably raise the Interest Rate to 1.75% (99% chance), and all traders know it. So what will happen with the USD?

If the Fed somehow let the interest rate @1,50%, this will be a huge surprise. The USD price will fall! If the new Interest rate will be 1,75% the USD will probably become stronger. BUT as I said all traders/investors wait tor this scenerio so there is a chance of low movement.  SO, everyone will wait for the Press conference, where we will receive more information about the Decision and the future plans. This will help the investors/traders to decide about the investment values, and that can really move the market for longer term.

My bet is a BULLISH movement for today.


The Reserve Bank of New-Zealand will also decide about the Interest rate. They will probably let the rate @ 1,75%. I think it will only generate a short term movement. My bet is a BEARISH movement.

Many new friends joined us in the last some days and as I said we’ll earn real good profit this week. This movement is started. We can see many signs to trade and I’m sure that these will be comfirmed soon.

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Trading on Monday – 2018.03.12.


Let’s prepare to next week. First talk about the news.

Monday will be real calm with less important news. The EU Finance Ministers Meeting can make movements, because any Minister can say something important. If it happens the EUR can move bigger what will probably move the USD and GBP.

The whole week will be real calm, so probably the technicals will dominate.

We have many mid term and long term trading options near confirmation. My first pick is AUDCAD.

We set a sell trade earlier, but I closed it before the market closure. I will set it again with a pending order after the market open, because the technicals still shows the same movement and be sure that the CAD will be stronger and stronger during the next week.

This is why we have to check NZDCAD time by time. NZD also became real strong during the last weeks, so it can be a good pair to trade with CAD.

Another pair we’ll check is the EURUSD. We earned real nice amount with EURUSD sell, but this week it probably go back to higher area, so we’ll wait and trade from the right value.

The conclusion is that we will have a calm week, what will probably help us to set easy and profitable trades. I’m sure that all investors, course members will earn nice profits next week.

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Trading on Monday – 2018.03.05.

The first interesting thing about trading on Monday is that how will the market react to the Italian election. My opinion is that the EUR ill be stronger during the Asian session.

Some fresh economy data will be published soon. The Australian Building Approvals and Company Gross Operating Profits will be better than earlier, what can push the AUD higher.

Duing the EU Session PMI numbers will be published. The datas probably will be better than the expected and will push the EUR higher. If it happens, we ‘ll able to trade with some EUR pairs.

The USD’s negative trend started @ the end of last week. I’m sure that it will continues.

Pairs to check:

The chance of the positive movement os EURJPY and AUDJPY is real high now. The EUR and the AUD also shows reversal and the JPY is real strong, so a retracement is possible here too. If we check the technicals we can see the possibility of a turn.

I’d like to talk about one more pair. This is the USDCAD. I’m sure about the USD weakness on Monday and be sure that the CAD won’t be weaker than it is now. The technicals also shows reversal, we’re at a strong resistance level and many indicators shows possible turn.

Come back later and check the new trades!



Trading on Thursday – 2018.03.01.

The EU session will be filled with GDP and PMI data publishments. The forecasts are mixed. We’ll only set short trades tomorrow.

The US sessions main event will be FED’s Powell Speech and the ISM Manufacturing PMI.

The Asian session didn’t help us until now. The JPY datas were positive, the AUD numbers were negative.

During the EU session we’ll searching for short movements based on the news and mid term technical analysis. We’ll check the GBP and CHF pairs.  Later we’ll wait for Jerome Powell’s Speech and we’ll try to find some good trades than. His speech probably will not move the market too much but if it will, we’ll try to ride the wave.

This week we closed many nice trades. This is the stats of my $50k+ account this week. I’m sure we can close many nice trades in the next 2 days.

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How will we trade for more profit in the next 2 days?

First talk about what happened this week until now, because it was not bad. We closed many nice trades until now.

We closed some trades from last week too, so our profit is a little higher. As you know, I am using a $50k+ account as a private account. This is my 3 days profit.

I had too hedge some trades again. One of the SLs placed to the opening value and a maket moved bigger when it opened. Sometimes it happen when the market jumps bigger that the system can’t close the trade @ the exact SL point, so this is why I have one small loss.

Let’s talk about how we will trade. Today and tomorrow the new will not generate huge movements so we can trade easier. The trend will probably stronger. We’ll receive some GDP datas, what will help to make middle term movements in some pairs.

That means, that the technical analysis will show us signals to trade and 99% that news will not ruin our trades.

Talk about some pairs we’re checking right now.

First one is EURUSD, but we talk about GOLD too. During the first days of the week we placed SELL trades.  Now I have to say that today or tomorrow it will back up and we’ll trying to be there when it happen.

We also have to check GBP pairs. GBP will probably become stronger, but we have to wait the GDP numbers first.

AUD is another currency we’ll check. I’m still waiting for the stronger AUD and I’m sure that it will go up before weekend.