BTC and ETH will fall lower


If you are interested in Cryptocurrencies, you probably read a lot about the possibilities. You can find bullish and bearish investors too, but I suggest to check the news and the charts.

You can read about that the restrictions are still not solved and many famous and important investors has negative speeches about BitCoin and Cryptos.

Just check the DAILY chart of BTC and ETH. What can we see here? Confirmed RSI reversal! If you are a trader, you probably you are selling BTC and ETH now.

This trend is not a short one. I don’t suggest to invest in cryptos in the next some weeks/months.

The best choice for now is investing your BTC or ETH. Do I suggest to buy other coins? Not really. The best way to earn money during this trend is investing to the Forex Group Investment.

The Forex is still the most predictable market, where you can earn money. The biggest market – in volume – with usually clear trends, reversals and retracements. As you know, we earn nice profit also in bearish and bullish trends too. With one of the best trading strategies, I can guarantee that all BTC and ETH investors will earn lot more profit in the next 1-2 month.


Probably the cryptocurrencies will boost from the end of summer or from early autumn. More and more liquidity providers, crypto and e-wallet exchangers, are planning to start use cryptos. I received many good startup ideas, that want to accept cryptocurrencies too. I received fresh infos from some European crypto miners, that they will receive cheaper electricity from September/October again. Same information arrived from Asia too, so the hopes about the $40k-$50k BTC price can be reached till the end of the year.

But until it, start invest in Forex. Send a message now! 



Dominik Schiener is the cofounder of IOTA, a cryptocurrency that’s worth $5 billion

“How can you make plans for a business when you don’t know how much it has in the bank?

“Today it’s like $300-400 million or so — probably less so now,” says Dominik Schiener when I spoke to him on Monday.

Schiener is the chairman of the IOTA Foundation, the not-for-profit set up to develop the IOTA network. IOTA aims to be a cryptocurrency for the internet of things (think cars and petrol stations communicating with each other over the internet — that kind of thing). As machine-to-machine contact grows, IOTA wants to be the currency that powers their transactions.

When it launched in 2015, the project raised 1,300 bitcoins through an “initial coin offering”, a portion of which went to the foundation. IOTA’s crypto token, the MIOTA, is now the 11th biggest cryptocurrency, with $5 billion-worth in circulation.”




New part of DailyProfit4Life – Cryptocurrency Trading

From March, I will start a new project on the site. This will be the Cryptocurrency Trading.

I started to trade with cryptos a year ago with only 2 BitCoins. I bought and sold BTC, ETH, and LTC. Two months ago, I started to use a trading, and exchange site Binance. You can exchange between more than 100 cryptocurrencies there what is huge. I started use technical analysis here too and I found out, that it also works.

Most CFD brokers also upgraded their portfolio. XM let you to trade with BTC, DSH, ETH, LTC and XRP as an USD pair, Grand Capital let you to trade with BCH, ETC, CMR, ZEC, and their combination too.
So, I started to trade long and short term on my trading account too.

From March I will share some daily and long term crypto trading signals too. To follow these, you must register a Binance account here, and to Grand Capital here. If you register in February and contact me through this form, I’ll add you to my CRYPTO SIGNAL list free for 1 year.

I tested my strategy to cryptocurrencies enough time now, that I can say, this can be a huge opportunity to us to earn more.

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