Trading on Thursday – 2018.02.15.


Trading today will be not too easy. Why? Not because of the news. Only because we don’t have too much actual clear options.

GMT +1

During the European session ECB member’s speeches can move the EUR or other currencies. I don’t really like speeches, because you count with them. You don’t know what will happen…

The US sessions two main news will be the US PPI and the Canadian Nonfarm Employment Change. So we will skip these currencies for the morning. I’m waiting for strong USD (positive numbers) and weaker CAD.

About the pairs.

I already wrote that NZDJPY is still a nice BUY option if it will go back again. I wrote to the Wednesday’s closed trade that I placed a BUY STOP.

You know what? I’m sure that GOLD will go down today. Why? The USD will be strong today and the GOLD jumped too much so it has to retrace. Will we trade with it this morning? NO. There are no signs in the technal analysis right now  😔

I don’t want to write the same to many other other pairs. If the market will move, and will show us trading options, I’ll share them. Right now, I don’t really see too much options. Maybe the speeches or the US session’s nubers will help us.



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Trading on Wednesday – 2018.02.14.


Tomorrow will be a real busy day. Let’s see step by step.

GMT +1:00

You can see that, many important economy nubers will be published tomorrow. The most importants will be the Japanese GDP, the German and EU GDP. And finally don’t forget about the US Core CPI, Reatil Sales and the Crude Oil Inventories.

I’m sure that tomorrow, we’ll receive clear signals in many pairs. We have many pairs near the signal.

EURJPY was a very nice option for a BUY trade, but it didn’t reach the confirmation level, and the chart became bad for us. This is not a clear trading option anymore.

USDCAD is lot better right now, the confirmation is near, and with a little weaker USD it will be good for us.

GOLD is reached our last trades TP, the 1330. The trade closed by Trailing Stop earlier @ my account, but some lucky members reached TP with more than 100 pips profits. The GOLD will go higher, if I’m right, but I’ll not trade with it. I’m not sure about how strong is this trend and the Asian session can also ruin the GOLD trades…

We have a hedged AUDJPY trade what can go to any direction during the Asian session. I don’t really know what will happen, but the main data, what can move it is the Japan GDP. If the JPY will be weaker, there are some another pair, we have to check. These are the NZDJPY and the GBPJPY.

GBPUSD is still a good option for a buy, if it goes above 1,38900. The pair didn’t move up too much today, so the possibity of a 50-100 pip earning is still on.

So first, I’ll wait to see the Japan GDP. If there will be a good option, we’ll trade with JPY pairs and maybe with AUD.

Come back later check the new trades.


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Trading on Tuesday – 2018.02.13.


Today will be easy for our strategy, because we’ll have only 1 big news for today. The  bublication of theCPI of GB. I think that this number will be low, so the GBP will be weaker tomorrow.

About trading tomorrow, I can’t tell too much fresh. The JPY and USD pairs will probably go up, because both have to make reversals. The daily USD graph shows the reversal signals 2 days now. Candlestick patterns and indicators shows that it has to be weaker. The JPY shows the signs too.

EUR is a big question, but I’m Bullish on it. I will check EURUSD and EURJPY. Strong EUR with weak pears, can make fast profit. If my analysis will be good and the things what I’m waiting for, happens today, we’ll earn nice profit.


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Trading on Thursday – 2018.02.08.

I just arrived back from my business trip from the UK. I hope today, we’ll able place some trades during the US Session.

First talk about USD. When it lost its strengh, I wrote about, what is my expectation about it. I said, it will go down between 87-88 and it will go back to the 92-94 area.

Now its above 90 points and I’m sure it will go higher soon.

Today is mostly about GBP. The BoE Interest Rate Decision and the Inflation Letter are the main important thing we’re waiting for today.  I don’t think that any of the US or Canadian news will generate too big waves, so I hope we’ll see some trading options later.

The Forex Trading Strategy Course members can check the GBP too for short term trades. I think we’ll have many options after the news to scalp some profit.

AUDNZD will go down a little in the next some hours and than it will go higher to the 1.10000 area.

AUDUSD was the other pair we talked about this morning with the Course’s students. We made some pips with our BUY trades, before the USD became stronger again. Now we have to wait and check the H4 chart to see a confirmaiton of the log term BUY trade. We also have to wait for the US Session to start and see how the market will move. I don’t think that we’ll see good trading signals in the first some hours.

USDCAD is also a possible trading opportunity for today. We’ll see that how the news will change the CAD and USD price today.

The EURJPY can be my favorite today. If the USD goes down, the EUR will become stronger. My analysis shows a possible reversal of 30-100 pips movement.

Come back some hours later and check the fresh trades!

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Trading on Tuesday – 2018.02.06.

Today we have a real good EURJPY trade and we have 2 pending AUD trades (one of them with positive SL) and a fresh NZDUSD.

GMT +1

As I wrote earlier there will be holiday in New-Zealand tomorrow, so we don’t really have to worry about it.

The first important thing we have to care about is the Interest Rate Decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia.  We have 2 bending AUD trades and  both BUYs. The Interest Rate will probably be the same but the Rate Statement probably will generate a bigger positive or negative movement. We hope it will be positiv, if not, we’ll close both pending trades will small profit.

The European session wil be smooth, but after it the US Session can be more active. We’re waiting positive Trade Balance and Job Openings. The Canadian data forecasts also seems positive, so if these will be right both will be stronger.

Let’s talk about  the trading. I think we’ll start the morning with EUR and GBP pairs. Some of them are near to signal confirmation. Without too much possible news during the EU session, EUR and GBP trades can generate easy profit to us.

We’ll only trade with USD or CAD before the news, if I’ll see the possibility of the fast profit.

I don’t think that we have to talk too much about the actual trades, because the Asian session can ruin the actual possile trading opportunities.

Come back tomorrow, check the news, and the fresh trades!


Why I picked AUD this morning…

This morning I started to trade with two AUD pairs. Here is the H1 chart of the Australian Dollar Index.

Last week the AUD’s price felt a lot. If you checked my posts day by day, you know why. The answer is here:

You can see the lot of RED numbers. The CPI – Consumer Price Index – is really important, so if it’s negative it cause a nice falling.

Friday was the turning point in my sight. PPI is also an important data for the traders. (This shows the change in the price of goods sold by manufacturers and this is the  leading indicator of consumer price inflation.) So the positive PPI helped to stop the falling of the AUD and as the candlestic patterns (three outside up), and some indicators shows right now, it also helps to the AUD to become stronger.

We can’t be sure that how strong this reversal will be, because the RBA’s Interest Rate decision is near, so the traders are waiting for it to decide about the longer term trading directions, but today, with good pairs, I’m sure we can male profit.

I picked NZD and CAD as pairs next to AUD. I searched for currencies, which supposed to be weaker today. NZD and CAD shows negative direction in technicals.

Let’s see the results. I hope I’ll be right. 😜🤑


Trading on Monday – 2018.02.05.

On Friday we were wait for the US Nonfarm Payrolls. We were sure about the positive numbers, as all the forecasts showed it earlier.

Next week is about Interest Rate Decisions. US and the EU meetings were already done. Next week we have to check Bank of England’s, Reserve Bank of Australia’s and Reserve Bank of New-Zealand’s meeting.

BoE is expected to hold the interest rate unchanged, but not this is the only number what we’re waiting for on Thursday. BoE Inflation Report will also published @ the same time. This probably will boost the GBP.

The chance that Australia’s and New-Zealand’s Interest Rates  will be unchanged are real high. Most of the analysts bet to a high jump of the NZD after the RBNZ Rate Statement. The Australian forecasts are lot complicated and there are many tips about RBA’s Statement. I’m on the Bullish side right now, but don’t hurry, there will many thing happen before the publication of the Rate Statement.

Monday will be an easy trading day. The Asian session will be calm. The European session’s main economy numbers will be the Services PMI’s (Purchasing Managers Index).

GMT  +1

The US session will also start with publishing of PMI numbers, First the Services PMI, and later the Non-Manufacturing PMI.

Trading on Monday will be easy for my Forex Strategy Course members. We’ll easily earn money in the morning market with some scalping trades.

We’ll hunt for more pips if the fresh economy numbers helps us. After I finised with my daily technical analysis I saw some EUR pairs near to confirmation of SELL trades. That means if the EU zone’s PMIs will be negative we’ll have many trading opportunities for 50-200 PIPs movements.

I’m Bullish on GBP, so a good PMI number will able to help earn nice profit 2 of the GBP pairs I’m watching.

Many of my trader friends wanted to bury USD last week. I waited for the NFP numbers and the US dollar Index reached the 89.00 limit, what I predicted in the morning. What do I think about the USD now? The support of NFP was weakened near the closure of the market, but I still think that the USD will go back higher in the first days of the week.

I’m not 100% in this because the investors have fears about the next possible Government Shutdown. So before any USD trade, we have to read more news and analyse the charts in our 3 used timeframes.

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Huge profit earned with USD pairs

This morning I started to chat with all of the Forex Strategy Coure’s students about the USD. I explained an easy strategy, how to trade this afternoon. First of all, I have to show some comment under the USD chart on Investing.com.

Most of the traders on Investing.com said that the USD will go lower, only some of us said that the NFP will be positive and the USD will go up. As you can see I wrote that I’m waiting for a strong USD, above 89.00.

Shrimp is a big USD lover 😀  This time we were on the same side.

And finally. this happened after the positive numbers arrived. The USD index went above 89.00.

The Nonfarm Payrolls always an important number and as you can see, the forecast was 180k, what is 14k higher than earlier. This’d be a good number, but the published number is 20k higher than the expected. This is real big difference, and this is why the raise in the USD index and in the USD pairs was that fast and big.

Some words about how we traded today before the news. I’ll not show the whole strategy, because the members paid hundreds of dollars to learn working and profitable strategies. We used pending orders to trade. We placed Sell Stop to AUDUSD and Buy Stop to USDCAD. We placed these trades 1-2 minutes before the publishing of the NFP numbers 200 points higher/lower than the actual and waited for the news. The TP placed to 30-50 pips, with 250 points Trailing Stop. ALL TRADES REACHED TP. All students earned 7-10% profit with this 2 trades only, and another 3-5% in the EU session with scalping with GBP, and EUR pairs…

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Trading on Thursday – 2018.02.01.

Today, I was not lucky with the news. During the day every movement ruined the signals was near to confirmation. But @ the end the FOMC Statement and the Interest Rate Decision helped.

The FED kept the Interest rate between 1,25%-1,50%. READ ABOUT THE MEETING HERE!

This happened with the USD:

If you analize the USD chart in the 15M and 30M you can see Bullish candle stick pattern and the 1H technical analysis also shows Bullish direction. So the last 2 candle must be a small retracement.

Talk some words about the news tomorrow.

You can see that tomorrow will be filled with fresh economy numbers, but the most importants will be the German (EU’s leader’s), the British and the US Manufacturing PMI. These can make the biggest movements tomorrow.

Today, the Forex Strategy Course students made many clear and fast trades, with EURJPY, GBPAUD, EURUSD and generated 30-70 pips profit easily.

If I’m right and USD will become stronger tomorrow, we’ll receive clear signals to EUR, and USD pairs and to GOLD too. GBP also can be a good option, but mostly if the British PMI will be worse than the expected.