SUCCESS BLOGGING! Write a blog and earn lot more with me!

What is SUCCESS BLOGGING and why is this a good option for someone, who want to make online money?

If you like to use social media, you like to post about yourself, this is a real good option, and the best that you don’t need any experience to do it. You can start all this with only $200 investment.

Here is my step by step guide:

  1. Create an investment account with $200 investment – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND START!
  2. After the 1st month you will earn back your investment and you will able to create your success blog. You will register yourself to the Wealthy Affiliate program.
  3. As a SUCCESS BLOGGER you will receive bonuses and will able to earn from many ways. This is the best way to become real wealthy, real fast…

Lets talk about how much can you earn and how fast you can do it.

So after the 1st month, you will earn $200 to $400. You will invest some money and time to create your blog. The Wealthy Affiliate program’s 1st month is $20 and $50 after it each month. Or you can choose annually payment what is lot cheaper.

When your site is ready, you will receive:

  • an affiliate link to promote the investment option. You will earn $8/month for each active investor.
  • an affiliate link to promote the free full signal service. You will receive $5/month for each active investor.
  • an affiliate link to promote the express signals. You will receive 50% commission of each sale.
  • $1000 to $2000 salary each month if you invite min. 100 members to the investment option or the free full signal service.

This kind of blogging is real easy, because you don’t have to do anything difficult. You will only share your success. You will write about how you earn money with investing, how you earn money with the signals you receive and how you multiply your money month by month. You can write about the vacations you able to pay, the new car and house you bought or anything you want. You don’t have to worry about nothing. You will earn huge money LEGALLY. You don’t have to hide your success, you will pay the tax you have to. I will help you to do it the best way.





Blogging.DailyProfit4Life.com – The monitoring site

I created this site for 2 main reasons. The first is that I’d like to create a sub section for blogging, the AdSense Millionaire and the Wealthy Affiliate program. The 2nd is that I’d like to monitor the AdSense income after an e-mail or social promotion.

The DailyProfit4Life.com is mostly about Forex trading and I don’t want to post too much on the main site about blogging. So here, I’ll show you, why is it good to register to the AdSense Millionaire program, why is it good to use Wealthy Affiliate program as a tool of your blogging career and mostly to show you how to gain your earnings with my promotional services.

So from this weekend, I’ll post here about blogging, online marketing and about tools to help you become successful.


How to promote on social media? – BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE!

Social media is the best place to promote your blog. But the question is, how can you do it real good.

I mostly use Facebook, Twitter and Google +, but there are many good other options – Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – what can be very usefull.

My tips to build your audience in social media real fast:


I suggest to post friendly/funny messages to your Facebook page’s timeline, on Twitter, etc. These are not too interested for your your audience, but they will see your name – your blog’s name –  and they will connect these messages to you. “I like XY. He/she is funny/friendly…” So you will be the someone, who write about the things that your audience like, and you also will be the friendly/funny guy too….


You can use scheduled posts to place messages when you’re not able to add new posts. You can also place messages like “GOOD MORNING!”. This kind of messages shows that you’re working. You will be on your audience’s mind…

Check these posts:


I suggest to post min. 5 times a day. Post about your new articles, send out some simple messages, some promo. Post as many you can… I suggest to post quote messages pictures in your niche. Your audience will like it.




Receive more visitors from Facebook

There are many ways to receive more Facebook visits. If you understand that you have to be active on social network it’ll be easy. There are many free and paid tools to make it.

First of all, I suggest to use Facebook groups to promote your new post. Just make a search to one of your keywords and choose some groups to follow. Be sure that you’re following groups in your niche.

The next step is sharing. If you want to do it totally free, here is my tip. Download this free Plug-in:

After the installation, place the widget to anywhere to your site, where its looks good. It looks like this:

As you can see you can use this widget to share your new contet fast to your other social accounts too, but now we’re talking about Facebook now.

When I’m clicking on the logo, a sharing window appears, where I can choose where to share Timeline/Page/Group/Message, etc.

When I chosed Group, I’m starting to write letters the group names and these appears. So I choose one and share my post. I’m also writing some words to the text area.

As you can see this is realy easy and you will see that you will receive lot more visitors from Facebook if you’re doing this after you create a new post.

But if you don’t want to do this manually, here is my other tip. Use this tool: https://dailyprofit4life.com/post-your-links-on-facebook-with-1-click



Post your links on Facebook with 1 click!

I wrote earlier about how can you promote your links manually. Here is the tool what I use to promote my posts on Facebook Groups.

I’m posting on my Pages manually, but I’m using a robot to post to the Groups. This is the Ninja…

You will need Ninja Blaster to post to pages. You can also post to Twitter, Pinterest, sending mass e-mails with this tool, but I’m using only for Facebook.

I mostly use the link, photo poster  and the joiner. I’ll not show you step by step, how it works, because you can try it yourself. It’s so easy, just connect with your account, load the group list and post to 50-100 groups. Do not post too much or too fast, because Facebook will ban you for 1-3 days.

Click on the picture for the free trial!




How to receive more Twitter follower?

Here is one of the FREE tools I suggest to use to pump up your  Twitter account. You can also handle your Facebook and Instagram with it, but in the free version, you can only use it for your Twitter account.

I’m using the BUSINESS version for my other account (without ads and more features), but I’ll show you how it works free.

So what is it? This is Commun.it.

This is my Twitter account now. Just click on the picture to see the changing.

This is an easy tool and very powerfull. After the registration, you will see, your account’s actual Twwts/Following/Followers numbers and the suggested to dos. The tool suggest tweets to retweet, and reply, it also suggest members to follow and unfollow members, send messages to your new followers, thank you messages to the retweeters, etc. These tools will help you to create an active and fast growing community free.

What else can you do?

The best thing – this is what I really like – is the “Schedule” menu, where you can create scheduled and recurring tweets. I mostly use recurring tweets to automate promotional tweets.

You can create tweets, like “Come and check my new posts about ….. http://…..” You can add followers to your tweet (automatically picked by Commun.it), what can be a good stuff to receive more followers.

So this is the free tool, but how is it works in the paid version? You can add more Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and you can make as many engagements you want to, so you can boost all of these accounts real easy and fast.

So I suggest to start to use the free version and maybe later, after you saw, how powerful this tool is, you can subscribe for it. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!




DailyProfit4Life.com is started to climb up on Alexa…

As I write I’ll show soon, how can you make big profit with blogging and promotion, but I’d like to show many things, what can help you to make better earnings without any investment.

As a blogger, you have to understand that you can’t make a huge selling blog in a month without promotion, only if you have thousands of friends on social network who visit your site day by day. I created a FB page and new social accounts, so I didn’t promote this site to my other site’s readers or on my newsletters.

As you can see, finally Alexa ranked DailyProfit4Life.com (the first rank was a little more than 4 000 000 two days ago). The visits are coming from social network and I already saw some google abd bing visits too.

As a blogger, who don’t want to spend money for promotion, I have one main suggestion. Use social network, be active and post about your site. I’ll do it in the next week. I’ll try to spend more time with it and I’ll also share some posts about how I’m doing it.



Free forex signals, tutorials and other earning methods

This website is created to show you my two main online earning options I suggest you to use.

So, if you really interested in online earning with real and tested methods, you have to follow my new posts about them. You can choose from many ways to follow:


This is the best option to choose. You will receive all the news trading setups, statistics first in e-mail. Most of the readers wants to follow the $100 TO $100k PROJECT step by step. You don’t have to check the website to reach the new trade infos, updates, anymore. You will receive everything in e-mail. FAST, INSTANT AND FREE! CLICK HERE!


This is the 2nd best option to follow my projects. You will receive an e-mail about each new post, except the updates of the trades. I’m posting all trades here on DailyProfit4Life.com, so you can find all here, but I will not send the newsletter instantly. The system will send it automatically in 60 minutes, so you can loose some entries and you have to let the posts open and refresh them sometimes to see the updates.


I’m posting about the news – all trades and posts – on social networks. The difference is the timing again. This is the last place where I’m posting and I also not posting about the TRADE UPDATES, so you have to refresh the trate posts to see if I change the SL, TP or I close the trades instantly.

You can follow me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE + and I created a TELEGRAM channel this morning.

So, If you want to make DailyProfit4Life with my guadience, just follow me, using with any of these options and earn real nice income with me!



How to pump up your Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is one of the statistical numbers what you’re checking when you see a website. The most important is Google Page Rank for me, but Alexa is almost an interesting number. Alexa is compare the websites about there traffic datas. Visitor numbers, time on the site, pageviews, etc.

I don’t really care about my site’s Alexa rank. It’ll go up if you’re publishing unique content to your site day by day. If you’re submitting your post in social network, you will receive more nad more visitors, who will read your posts, search for other infos (more unique and returning visitor, longer pageviews…). So it’ll grow, you just have to do your job.

I suggest one thing to do, and it’s real important. Alexa tool is a very good stuff, so I suggest to install it and it will count your pageviews during you’re working on your site more…


But how can you reach a better Alexa rank faster?

The answer is easy. You can generate “almost real” traffic to your website. DON’T FORGET THAT GOOGLE WILL DISABLE YOUR ADSENSE ACCOUNT IF YOU GENERATE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!!!

You can find many URL sharing sites (PTC, PTP projects to promote cheap, but Alexa also don’t like most of them). The 2 sites below are generates traffic free for you if you have internet connection and a computer to run it.

#1 HitLeap

After registration, you will have 2 option. Buy traffic (real cheap 10000 min for only $9), or you can earn minutes by watching other’s URLs. So if you have a good limitless internet connection, just run the HitLeap app, and earn minutes free.

Get Free Traffic

#2 RankBoostUp

This site almost the same like HitLeap. Both works well with Alexa, because the viewer will run an Alexa tool during watching the websites.

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange

So, if you really want to bump up your ranking fast, use these sites and be in the TOP 500 000 fast. But don’t forget that you will need good content and real, returning visitors to be successfull.