Investors day! Hurry up and invest from $100 in the next 24 hours!


I received many message yesterday from my readers about Forex trading and investing. I answered to more than 30 private message through Quora and ~50 e-mail. There are many people wordwide, who has not enough money to start investing. As you know the minimum investment amount in the group is $500. For the next 24 hours I have an offer to anyone who have less money than that, but wants to start his/her investor career.

You can invest from Ƀ 0,0135 or $ 100.

Step 1

Buy BitCoin instantly through CoinMama. This is a BTC, ETH exchanger in the US with the fastest registration and instant option to buy coins with credit cards. CLICK ON THE BANNER! (If you already have BTC, you don’t have to buy more…)

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Step 2

Send an e-mail to me with these details! Full name, address, investment’s value, payment mode (BTC, Neteller or Skrill). The $100 is the min. amount. You can invest higher value too… CLICK HERE!

Step 3

About the profit. This is a one time offer for thise, who really want to change their life. The investors will receive the same profit than those who invested more than $500. That means that everyone will receive the the guaranteed 30% profit, but it will probably higher every month (as I sharedmany times it was higher than 40% last month).

So all investors will receive the same profit than the normal investors of the Group Investment account. The only difference will be that they have 2 options to choose after each month closure.

  • Let the capital and the profit in for the next month, or
  • withdraw all of the money.

You have to understand, that I don’t want 100 small investor with different account values and send them infos about how their investments works. So, if you want to gain your $100 to $130-$160, you can do it in a month. If you want to reach the amount what needed to invest for the Group Investment, you will reinvest your earnings for ~6 months and then you will able to invest it as the other investors.

So, hurry up, take the first step and start earn money from today!



Anonymous trader buys $400 million in BitCoin

Go big or go home. That’s the motto of one mysterious investor who put his chips on the table, buying close to $400 million of the No.1 digital currency, bitcoin.

The purchase comes as cryptocurrencies are making a comeback after a dreadful start to 2018. Major digital currencies lost as much as 50% to start the year as growing regulation and security fears crippled the market, seeing traders bail on their positions. However, the tide has turned.

The price of bitcoin BTCUSD, -6.35%  has increased more than 60% since trading under $6,000 on February 6, pushing back above $10,000, helped by signs of growing recognition of digital currencies from officials in Washington.

“Not sure who that big buyer was but many have bought this dip and have added since the rebound and additional regulatory clarity in the U.S. and Asia,” Alex Sunnarborg, Founding Partner of Tetras Capital said.

The unknown trader with the bitcoin address 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 purchased the coins between Feb. 9 and Feb. 12, taking his bitcoin balance from 55,000 coins to more than 96,000.


Meet ‘The Wolf of Crypto Street’, an Ohio teenager who used his entire savings to become a cryptocurrency millionaire – Business Insider

When Eddy Zillan started trading in cryptocurrencies three years ago, he was 15 — too young to open an account on the trading platform Coinbase, which requires its users to be at least 18 years old.”

But Zillan glossed over the site’s terms of agreement and opened an account on Coinbase and another trading platform called Kraken, cautiously purchasing $100 worth of the cryptocurrency ether.

Zillan says he was initially skeptical of putting his money into the fledgling cryptocurrency market, which he’d first heard about in reference to the now defunct drug-trading website Silk Road. When Zillan began investing in 2015, there were few credible resources offering advice on how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“At the time I invested, there were no YouTubers, there were no investors, there was no one I could learn from,” Zillan said in an interview with Business Insider. “There were no books or mentors, and it was really hard to teach myself a formal education in that field.” ”



The price of my Forex Trading Strategy Course is reduced to $300



Is it too late to invest in BitCoin?

Most of the BTC investors are HODL right now. The question is that is it a good idea or not.

In December and in the begining of the year, everyone saw that many countries started to fight against BitCoin.

Let’s see the negative news.

  • Cryptocurrencies were become illegal in many countries,
  • The mining fees are higher than ever. Many user changed BTC to other currency, like ETH,
  • ENEL not selling electricity to cryptocurrency miners,
  • etc.

You can read many negative news and many hopes about BTC. I think that the BTC price will not jump back to the $15000 area in the next some month. I was lucky, because I sold 80% of my BTCs when the price $14600 – I bought BTC whan the price was $450. I HODL the rest.

I suggest to all of my friends to invest their BTCs and recover the “loss” of the BTC in Foreign Exchange investments. Some months later when the we see what will happen with the BTC maybe inveating in BTC will be a good option again.

BitCoin investors! Recover your losses now! Invest for 10-20% weekly or 60-100% profit monthly!


Huge profit earned with USD pairs

This morning I started to chat with all of the Forex Strategy Coure’s students about the USD. I explained an easy strategy, how to trade this afternoon. First of all, I have to show some comment under the USD chart on Investing.com.

Most of the traders on Investing.com said that the USD will go lower, only some of us said that the NFP will be positive and the USD will go up. As you can see I wrote that I’m waiting for a strong USD, above 89.00.

Shrimp is a big USD lover 😀  This time we were on the same side.

And finally. this happened after the positive numbers arrived. The USD index went above 89.00.

The Nonfarm Payrolls always an important number and as you can see, the forecast was 180k, what is 14k higher than earlier. This’d be a good number, but the published number is 20k higher than the expected. This is real big difference, and this is why the raise in the USD index and in the USD pairs was that fast and big.

Some words about how we traded today before the news. I’ll not show the whole strategy, because the members paid hundreds of dollars to learn working and profitable strategies. We used pending orders to trade. We placed Sell Stop to AUDUSD and Buy Stop to USDCAD. We placed these trades 1-2 minutes before the publishing of the NFP numbers 200 points higher/lower than the actual and waited for the news. The TP placed to 30-50 pips, with 250 points Trailing Stop. ALL TRADES REACHED TP. All students earned 7-10% profit with this 2 trades only, and another 3-5% in the EU session with scalping with GBP, and EUR pairs…

If you want to earn money with forex trading, join the EXPRESS SIGNALS, or register to the FOREX STRATEGY COURSE, or check the new project, what is created for BitCoin owners…

BitCoin investors! Recover your losses now! Invest for 10-20% weekly or 60-100% profit monthly!



BitCoin investors! Recover your losses now! Invest for 10-20% weekly or 60-100% profit monthly!

2 days ago we created a new project to help the BitCoin investors to recover their losses. This investment option created by a simple idea. Many BitCoin holders lost huge amounts in the last some weeks. The BTC price felt from $17000 to $8400.

The idea is real easy. The DailyProfit4Life project generates 20-50% profit weekly. If you want to earn back the losses you had in the last some weeks, you can do it in 2 or 3 month.

There is 2 chance for BTC’s future:

#1 – The price will go lower, you will loose money day by day. If you sell your BTC’s and wait for the change, you will not earn any cents. With my offer your BTC will gain and your money will make profit week by week. In 1-1,5 month, you doubled your investment, so if the price will stay low, you can be real happy, because you earned back all your losses.

#2 – The price will go up. We all know that the BTC will be not launched up as a skyrocket. This is not an option. Slow positive movement is possible for the future. If this will happen, you will also make ~$8000 profit with each 1 BTC investment. If you let your money in BTC, the better scenerio is that the price will go up between $10000 and $12000 in 2 months. With my onvestment option, your 1 BTC will grow to $16000-$20000 in 2 months. That means you can’t loose with my program.

How to start? CONTACT ME NOW!

I’ll tell you both of the options we created. The direct invest is the easiest one and the self trading option what is also easy, but you have to work with it a little (for potencially 20% extra profit). YOU CAN’T LOOSE WITH MY METHOD!

I have an investment account with 50 investors and I created with a new one the DailyProfit4Life Investor Group Vol.2 (already made 30% profit in some weeks). As you can see the 1st group is fulled and it generated 420% profit in 3 month. I’ll create the BTC Loss Recovery Group account after min. 10 investor contact with me, or if the invested amount reach $2000 by min. 2 investors…



Crypto-crash Triggers Panic among Investors – Investing

“Cryptocurrencies continued to selloff on Wednesday amid one of the most severe routs of recent years sparked by fears of a regulatory crackdown.
Bitcoin was down as much as 12% at $10,000 on Wednesday. It had traded as high as $14,394 on Monday.
Ethereum plummeted from a high of $1,401 on Sunday to $977.53 on Wednesday.
Ripple dropped from $2.02 to $1.17 over the same period.
The painful declines in prices sparked concern amid investors.
The mood across online boards where enthusiasts discuss cryptocurrencies was a mixture of resilience and despair.”



Bitcoin Rallies above $7,000 for the First Time – Investing

” The price of the digital currency bitcoin rose to a new all-time high above the $7,000 level on Thursday, extending a recent record rally.

On the U.S.-based GDAX exchange, Bitcoin hit a high of $7,089.80 and was at $7,040.80 by 05:42 AM ET (09:42 AM GMT).

Bitcoin is up as much as 640% this year after starting the year near $1,000 and at current prices has a total market capitalization of around $117 billion.

The digital currency has been boosted by news that futures markets operator CME Group is planning to launch bitcoin futures later this year, pending regulatory approvals. ”



The Race To Ban Or Regulate Bitcoin And ICOs – Forbes

” The race to regulate the cryptocurrency and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market has hit full stride. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint, with hurdles.  In recent months over 30 global regulators announced their various approaches to token sales and ICOs. This emerging space is full of promise and potential pitfalls. What happens next?

What is evident in this race is Bitcoin, digital currencies and ICO token sales have created very vocal supporters and detractors from the world of high finance and government.

There is Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund telling us that we are about to see massive disruption in FinTech and that it is time to get serious about digital currency, while Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan says Bitcoin is a fraud that will eventually blow up. ”



BitCoin, Ethereum or Forex Trading?

Many of my readers wrote me, that they invested thousands of dollars to BitCoin and Ethereum, and they asked me, did I do the same or not. How much do I invested in coins?

My answer is my investment in these coins is 0.

Investing in BTC and ETH is a good option, lot better than investing your money to a bank. BTC made real big profit this year, ETH made a huge one. If you bought coins, you made real nice profit, but check the numbers.

In Jan. the lowest pricee of BTC was ~$750 and the best was ~$4400. This is ~600% of your starting investment. So if you started with $100, after 8 month you have $600 worth of BitCoin. WOW! Lets see ETH.

This is Ethereum’s year. The starting price was ~$9 in Jan and it made a big jump. In the early summer it grows up to $400-$410. The actual price is $292, but count with the best of the year. This is 4500%. If you started with $100, you made $4500 in 6 month. Now you have only $3200 worth of ETH, but it’s also lot better than any kind of bank investment.

And what about Forex Trading. My trades are generates 2000 pips profit every month. It’s sometimes better (lot better), but count with 2000 pips now. That means that if you have $100 I suggest to trade with 0,01 LOT. With 0,01 LOT you will earn ~$200 in your first month. WOW!

I have a guarantee, that if I my signals don’t reach 1000 pips profit a month, I’ll give 1 month free subscription. This never happened during my daytrader career. But count with this.

You will also miss some of my signals, so reduce it with 25%. Count with 75% profit monthly, not with 100% or 200%. But you can count with any of this…

So if you count with the worst scenario, and you started to trade with my “signals” in January with $100, you had more than $5000 on 1st of aug.. Now you have ~$7500, and it’ll grow every month.

I hope, now everyone understand, why I prefer Forex Trading more than any kind of coin. The coins prices are moving up and down, you can’t control it. You just praying for a long uptrend. In Forex trading, you can trade with many currency pairs and can choose the direction. Lot more option and if you know how to trade, you will make money when the market moves. YOU DON’T  HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THE DIRECTION, IF YOU KNOW, WHEN AND WHERE WILL IT GO… 

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