My account is ready for trading

I created a new trading account on InstaForex. I just testing this broker, I hope they are working well. I choosed them, because they offered very good conditions.

In the beggining I’ll make a little risky trades and I also will show you how to scalp, hedge losses, etc. As I wrote, I’ll show forex strategies I know on this account.

I have two goals with this account:

  • show, how can you make real profit with forex trading,
  • show some strategies I learnt and I’m using/used.

I hope many of my readers will learn from my posts and will follow me on some (good) trades I’ll go. Please choose the good ones only 😀

As I wrote, my account is ready to trade.


I added $100 to my account ($100 to $100k project…)

Some words about how will I trade. I’m checking my EQUITY every morning and I’m trading with my equity’s 0,5% on my main account, but on this account I’ll trade with 1%.

I’ll trade with many strategies and I’ll write posts about them (not all), but I’ll post all the trades with my starting TP/SL or HO.

I’ll also update these posts if I close earlier, or let the trade wave to higher losses, if I trust in it more. So if you don’t choose my FREE FULL SIGNAL OFFER, come back time by time and check the trades you follow.