Statistics of this week – 2018.05.14.-2018.05.18.


This was a nice week for us. We made almost 200 pips.


My USD and GOLD ideas were failed on Friday, because the US-China trade conversation wasn’t too interesting so the USD didn’t start to fall.

Check the stats for a minute! Trailing Stop closed some trades this week. For example: EURGBP and NZDJPY.

EURGBP was a SELL trade. On the next chart you can see where I set the trade. Trailing stop helped us, but this week it’d be better if we didn’t use it.

EURGBP reached 0.87150.

NZDJPY reached 76.700.

But our weekly profit was nice and the other GOLD trade will make nice profit next week. I’m sure we’ll have many good trading options next week when the USD and EUR will turn.



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