There are 3 options for investors.

The 1st one is investing to the Group account.

This is the easiest way if you just want to invest. You just invest your money and withdraw the money if you want every month.

Why is it good? These are the main good points:

  • guraranteed min. 20% monthly profit (avg. 30-50%),
  • there are no laverage problems: in many countries you can’t trade with high laverage, so you can’t earn that much profit,
  • this is not Forex earning: in many countries if  you trading with forex, you have to pay lot more tax, than you just invest.

So, if you want to invest to the group, contact me now. The min. investment is $500 to this project.

The 2nd is using SafestForex.

SafestForex is a new project. You have to open a trading account, fund your account, we’ll set it up, and you will start earning profit.

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The 3rd is the LAMM investment

In November, we tested the system of one of our broker partners – Grand Capital –  and it’s worked fine. So, from mid. December, anyone, who not interested in Forex trading, just want to earn money like me, easily can follow my trades with the LAMM investment option.

So if you want to earn profit like this, here is the working option for investors. You don’t have to open the trading platform anymore, to earn with Forex. With this automated system, you will able to earn money without any experience.

How much can you earn with this option?

The weekly profit of a week is between 10-80%. Yes there are big differences between weeks, so its not easy to tell. But count with a 10% profit what is a good number to count an avg. profit.

So if you open an investor account with $1000 and connect it to my DP trading account you will earn ~$300 profit weekly after the reduction of the commission. If you will pick a real good week, you will able to earn $550-$600. The best of my trading method, that there weren’t any week in 2017 when we didn’t make profit 🤑🤑🤑.

How it works?

Step 1 : The first thing to do is to register yourself to Grand Capital and verify yourself and invest min. $200 to your investment account.

Step 2: When you finished, you have to contact with me – CLICK HERE -, and send me your reg. e-mail and your name.

Step 3 : I’ll give you the trading account to follow and confirm your account as a follower of mine. I’ll guide you to setup if you have any problem with it and Grand Capital also have online Support if you need help.

After this step, you will automatically receive the same profit that my account make – reduced with the LAMM commission.


And finally one more important information. Grand Capital accept BitCoin, Neteller, Skrill and many other investment option, so the e-wallet users can easily invest their money. This is lot better and safer investment option than any HYIP or rev. share.