Nice profit earned this week

The “$100 TO $100k IN A YEAR” project is going fine this week. As you saw in the post about the last week’s trades, I closed that week with $154.82 “All time” profit. This was real good.

This is a fresh printscreen about the accounts’ all time history:

I also wrote earlier, that if I’ll reach the $200 profit, I’ll withdraw another $50 from this account, so that will means that I withdrew back my deposit, what is real good. I’ll have more than $150 on the account to trade, so I can gain it to the next level – $1000 balance – in the following 4-8 trading weeks.

Is it possible?

Yes. I’m sure that I’ll be able to reach this next milestone in the next 1-2 months.

Next week, I’ll go to a little rest, so I’ll not post any trades here – so I’ll not trade on the “$100 TO $100k IN A YEAR” projects’ account. The EXPRESS SIGNAL users will receive signals, and I’ll post the results of one of the managed accounts. So come and check it!

Don’t hesitate, to ask if you have any question about the trades, the free or paid services. Follow me and earn extra $1000s every month with me.



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