My new server is ready to work

I’m real happy right now, because we finished the work on my new server, what will handle my Forex trades. My IT guys made me non stop 5 Gbps internet connection and a high speed server, what can work non stop and can handle all my and the managed accounts.

With this upgrade, I can work easier. That means that I’ll trade again on the “$100 to $100k in a year project” again. I started the project 2017. Sept. 25. what means that I still have 10 months to reach the $100k.

As you see the DEPOSITed amount is $100, the profit until now is $33,22 and the withdrew amount was $30. From today I’ll share stats of the account, the withdrawals and I’m really sure that I’ll reach the $100 000 account balance until 2018. Sept. 25.

My plan is to withdraw $70 @ the end of this month. The next withdrawal will be only the end of Dec.

I hope you will enjoy my post during this project and I hope I can help many of the readers to become wealthy with using my strategies and trades.

So check the DAILYPROFIT4LIFE FOREX logo to see the trades of the project and don’t hesitate to contact me anytime you want.

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