LAMM investment option is back – START WITH $25 INVESTMENT!

In the last some months every problem solved @ Grand Capital, so the LAMM investment option will be available to anyone.

The FREE OPTION will be closed, because XM had to change many things (leverages, credits, welcome bonuses), so you have to invest in yourself if you want to make money, but how much? You can start the LAMM investment option with only $25 investment.

#1 You have to register to GC though this link:

#2 Open a Micro account with the highest leverage.

#3 Invest min. $25 to your trading account.

#4 Contact me for more detailes. I will give you instructions to set up your LAMM investor account, so you will able to earn money from the next 24 hours.


If you don’t want to change broker, create new accounts, but you like to connect your actual trading account to an account that makes ~10-50% a month, just send a contact message, and I will help you to do it.


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