Is it too late to invest in BitCoin?

Most of the BTC investors are HODL right now. The question is that is it a good idea or not.

In December and in the begining of the year, everyone saw that many countries started to fight against BitCoin.

Let’s see the negative news.

  • Cryptocurrencies were become illegal in many countries,
  • The mining fees are higher than ever. Many user changed BTC to other currency, like ETH,
  • ENEL not selling electricity to cryptocurrency miners,
  • etc.

You can read many negative news and many hopes about BTC. I think that the BTC price will not jump back to the $15000 area in the next some month. I was lucky, because I sold 80% of my BTCs when the price $14600 – I bought BTC whan the price was $450. I HODL the rest.

I suggest to all of my friends to invest their BTCs and recover the “loss” of the BTC in Foreign Exchange investments. Some months later when the we see what will happen with the BTC maybe inveating in BTC will be a good option again.

BitCoin investors! Recover your losses now! Invest for 10-20% weekly or 60-100% profit monthly!

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