Investment plans for VIP investors!


Investing is always seems risky to most of us. Investing to FX trading is seems very-very risky, because many people lose money in FX trading. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW, WHEN SOMEONE LOOSE MONEY, AN OTHER ONE EARNS IT. THE GOOD THING IS THAT I AM THE OTHER ONE.

If you’ve been following my posts, trades, you know that my strategy generates real good profit If you already learnt my strategy, you know how it works. If you are an investor, your money is gaining week by week.

Many new members joined us in the group investment  and in the VIP investor group. We still have places for new members, so here are some extra investment plan:

As you know there are 2 ways to become a VIP investor. You can join through the Course or the Group Investment option (https://dailyprofit4life.com/welcome-to-dailyprofit4life-vip). For the next 2 days (until midnight 10th of March) these plans are available to anyone who wants to join us. After it, these options will be available for the VIP members only.

$2 000 to $20 000 plan

As you know the Group Investment option guarantees min. 30% monthly profit to all investors. From 1st of March I reduced the trading LOT’s %, but the avg. profit will be probably between 40-60%.

This plan is an investment option for 6 month.

The base investment is $2000. You will withdraw $500 every month ($3000 during the 6 month) and finally you will receive guaranteed $20 000 (or more if the profit % will be higher). You will receive daily and monthly statements, like you invest simply to the Group Investment option, so you will see how your money gains. If we’ll have better trading days, you can earn lot more than $20000.

$4 000 to $10 000 plan

This is a fast plan to those who want to double their money in 2 months. This a short term plan with guaranteed minimum profit. With the lower trading lots the 50% profit will be not reached every month, but for the investors of this plan I guarantee that they will receive min. $10 000 the end of the 2nd month.

So,  if you want to gain your money with guaranteed minimum profit, choose one of these plans, invest and make profit. If you want to multiply more money than $1 000-$5 000 from the begining, contact me and I’ll tell you how to gain your money safe and fast!



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