I bet wrong today :-)

Most of the important economy infos were already published, so I’d like to write a little post about what happened. Lets see step by step what were my expectations and what happened then.

My mid/long term expectation about AUD and NZD too is negative movement. During the Asian session The Australian Retail Sales published and the AUD, became stronger. This positive retracement was stopped some hours ago and we only started to trade not long ago. The NZD pairs also not confirmed, so I’m still waiting for the right movements.

I waited for weaker EUR to trade long with some EUR pairs, but the Industrial Production and the ECB’s fresh news were also moved the EUR up.

First the stronger EUR pushed the USD down, later as you can see, the USD news were worst then the forecast. So that also not helped my ideas.

Now, you can see that there are some days, when everything goes to the other direction, This is why you have to wait for the news, and never trade near to them. We don’t have huge negative balance now, because of bad entries.

This day shows that if you follow my strategy, you will not make big mistakes and will able to make money day by day.

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