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I’ll share the trades on DailyProfit4Life every day, but I’ll not send warnings about it! So, you will find the new trades on the site every day. This will not change.

I share most of the trades I place on my accounts totally free here n this blog. I know that this is not easy to follow my trades that way. You have to refresh the site time by time to see the new posts. This is why I created this free option too.

I created the EXPRESS SIGNAL program, where I send all the “signals” some minutes after I placed the trades. You will receive an email every time so the only thing you have to do is place the trade as soon you can and set up the SL, TP and TS. (If you don’t know what are these, you will learn them from the tutorial real fast.)


This is my offer to all beginners, who want to learn and make money with Forex trading. As I wrote many times, I don’t think that I’m a the biggest expert of Forex trading, but I know that I can make profit with it day by day and I can help you to do the same. And why not? It didn’t cost a thing.

I have an offer for you if you want to earn money with forex as a rookie. Register a broker account through one of the brokers below. Create a STANDARD account with min. $100 fund – better if you can start with $500 or more – and fill the form below. I’ll contact you and will show you how to use the trading area, how to use my posts about the trades. I also will send you the links about the posts you have to read before you start to trade.

I also suggest to register a Neteller account for faster withdrawals. If you already have a Neteller account, register it in the eWallet Optimizer system, to receive a SILVER account. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT!

I ask everyone to submit your questions in a comment after each post, because it can help to others who too shy to ask. Maybe someone thinks that his/her question is stupid. Never think that!

SO, REGISTER AND FILL THE FORM BELOW! I will contact you soon and your e-mail will be added to the SIGNAL WARNING list, so you will receive an e-mail about all fresh trades


  • You have to trade on your account every week. If you will not use my signals on your new account, I’ll cancel your subscription.
  • I ask you to share a post about your trades on my Facebook page, and if you have Twitter, Google please share a post with #dailyprofit4life. The more active members on social network will able to win gifts every week.
  • You have to send stats weekly in e-mail if you don’t want to share your trades in social network (it’s enough if you share a printscreen about some of your winning trades if you don’t want to share all of yours). I’ll submit a printscreen about it on social network.