Predictions for today


In my sight, the main prediction is about the USD, but yes, it will move other currencies. I am 100% sure that the dollar will fall back . Maybe today…

I think the USD will fall to ~93 today. The Bond Yealds boosted it well, but it is an old story. Now the investors are checking the communication between China and the US. Maybe it will be a new fight, that will be bad for the dollar.

GOLD – Investors started to sell Gold and buy USD because of the stronger dollar. Friday is a big mover  in Gold. Friday is about Gold trading and I am sure that the direction right now is BUY.

EUR felt during the week, but there is no reason to falling lower. The EUR will probably start strong, like the GBP and this will also push down the USD.

And finally the technicals:

The GOLD is oversold and you can see the same on the EUR index too. he USD overbought. Many indicators started to show direction changes on lower timeframes (highers not confirmed yet).


Best pairs I saw for today:







My idea about the USD’s direction today was failed. The USD Index closed @ 93.58 (+0.19).

What happened today?

“Trade talks between the U.S. and China are in focus as officials meet in Washington to find a way to end their trade dispute. U.S. officials said Thursday China agreed to purchase up to $200 billion of American goods, but Chinese officials denied the agreement had been made.”

And what moved the USD?

“The rise in bond yields, along with positive economic data and rising inflation, has boosted expectations that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates and tighten monetary policy.

The Fed raised rates in March and is expected to raise rates twice more, with some investors expecting a third hike.

Expectations of higher interest rates tend to boost the dollar by making the currency more attractive to yield-seeking investors.”

So, finally I didn’t placed trades on my account.

The latest GOLD trade closed on the monitoring account with low profit.

I’ll share the weekly stats tomorrow.



Asia stocks edge higher, investors cautious on U.S.-China trade talks – Investing

“Wall Street ended slightly lower on Thursday as investors grappled with U.S.-China trade tensions after U.S. President Donald Trump said that China “has become very spoiled on trade”.

But helping ease some of the tension, Beijing has offered Trump a package of proposed purchases of American goods and other measures aimed at reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China by some $200 billion a year, U.S. officials familiar with the proposal said.

A second round of talks between senior Trump administration officials and their Chinese counterparts started on Thursday, focused on cutting China’s U.S. trade surplus and improving intellectual property protections.”



BTC and ETH will fall lower


If you are interested in Cryptocurrencies, you probably read a lot about the possibilities. You can find bullish and bearish investors too, but I suggest to check the news and the charts.

You can read about that the restrictions are still not solved and many famous and important investors has negative speeches about BitCoin and Cryptos.

Just check the DAILY chart of BTC and ETH. What can we see here? Confirmed RSI reversal! If you are a trader, you probably you are selling BTC and ETH now.

This trend is not a short one. I don’t suggest to invest in cryptos in the next some weeks/months.

The best choice for now is investing your BTC or ETH. Do I suggest to buy other coins? Not really. The best way to earn money during this trend is investing to the Forex Group Investment.

The Forex is still the most predictable market, where you can earn money. The biggest market – in volume – with usually clear trends, reversals and retracements. As you know, we earn nice profit also in bearish and bullish trends too. With one of the best trading strategies, I can guarantee that all BTC and ETH investors will earn lot more profit in the next 1-2 month.


Probably the cryptocurrencies will boost from the end of summer or from early autumn. More and more liquidity providers, crypto and e-wallet exchangers, are planning to start use cryptos. I received many good startup ideas, that want to accept cryptocurrencies too. I received fresh infos from some European crypto miners, that they will receive cheaper electricity from September/October again. Same information arrived from Asia too, so the hopes about the $40k-$50k BTC price can be reached till the end of the year.

But until it, start invest in Forex. Send a message now! 



BOJ’s Kuroda shifts into lower gear on stimulus policy – Investing

“As Haruhiko Kuroda walks away from his “shock and awe” stimulus in favor of incremental policy shifts, he is edging ever closer to the approach of his predecessor at the Bank of Japan, a man he once derided for being too cautious.

An actual exit from stimulus does not appear imminent. But central bank policymakers have begun brainstorming ways to raise bond yields from near-zero levels as a first step toward ending crisis-mode policy, sources familiar with the BOJ’s thinking say.

Last month’s decision to drop a deadline for hitting its inflation target was the latest sign the central bank was scaling back Kuroda’s radical monetary experiment.

The move is partially an acknowledgement of the pain prolonged easing is inflicting on banks’ profits. It also gives the Bank of Japan more flexibility on monetary policy, the sources say, which could prove useful if it wants to raise its yield target before inflation reaches its goal of 2 percent.”



Dollar Slides Lower, Euro Regains Ground – Investing

” The dollar edged lower against a basket of the other major currencies on Monday after its recent rally to multi-month highs stalled amid diminished expectations for an aggressive pace of monetary tightening by the Federal Reserve this year.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was down 0.23% at 92.23 by 03:42 AM ET (07:42 AM GMT).

The index hit four-and-a-half month highs of 93.26 on Wednesday before retreating, to end the week almost unchanged, snapping three straight weeks of gains.

The rally in the dollar lost momentum after tame U.S. inflation data tempered expectations for a faster pace of rate hikes by the Fed.

The Fed raised rates in March and projected two more rate hikes this year, although many investors had seen three hikes as possible. ”

Read more about it Investing.com !


The Holy Grail


I received an e-mail from someone, who said I have to stop saying that I can earn more than 30% profit a month with Forex trading. He said, there is no any investment, what can make 30% in a year. This is the Holy Grail.  🙏🙏🙏

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I think it was a good offer, but the answer was NOTHING

Do you think this is impossible? This offer is available to anyone.

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Change your mindset! Be successful!

Many free members and investors asked me about, how they can become wealthy.
I have an idea about it and I shared it with them.

My success story started when I was a child. I made my first “business” (newsletter delivering) when I was 13-14. I had a vision that I don’t want to deliver newsletters anymore, but I will find some companies, who need that and I will give the work to other 10 kids. I will ask 10% less from the companies (i found 4) and will pay the kids 50% more. Don’t forget that I received money from 4 companies and paid only once for the kids.
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What did I do here?
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All of my businesses is about the same. Solving problems to help others and myself too. I don’t need money right now, so I am giving lot of money to foundations, charities every month, but this is not important now.

What are the problems I am solving here?
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Huge profits are coming to the VIPs and to the Forex investors too

The long weekend is over, but we’ll not start working today.

The VIP investors knows that we finished with 10 new warehouses in Germany and Austria. One of these were built for GLS, what will generate nice profit to all of the investors who joined the project in January. I’ll write a fresh list about the new standard, startup and online investment options. We received many new business plans from new and old partners, so I am waiting for your comments about them.

I will start the trading week, after I will arrive back home from Germany. Some words about the trading:

We have to skip USD pairs and GOLD today, because the FOMC Meeting and the NFP. I don’t think, that the investors and banks will push the USD lot higher. We have to know the news, before we decide about the new trades. You can see that the USD is overbought, so a retracement will coming soon. We have to find the right time to trade and make the biggest profit.

I am sure that the USD retracement will occur this week. I think it will happen on Thursday or Friday. We’ll trade with GOLD and maybe with GBPUSD – because of the weak/oversold GBP – and with USDCAD. These trades will generate 10-15% profit to us in some days.

April was our weakest month with 31.6% average profit, like it was last in 2017, but May will be one of the best months in Forex trading, because of the USD and EUR movements. So, investors/traders hurry up, don’t miss the big trades of the week, invest now.

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