Trading on Monday – 2018.05.21



Tomorrow, will be low in European news, but maybe the FOMC members’ speeches will generate some movements tomorrow. We’ll see that will we have trading options or not…




AUDJPY shows a possible reversal. The trading signal didn’t confirm yet.

We started to trade with GOLD last week. My analysis was failed a little, but now many insicatrs also shows that the GOLD will go up.  So I think we’ll place new GOLD trades tomorrow.


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Statistics of this week – 2018.05.14.-2018.05.18.


This was a nice week for us. We made almost 200 pips.


My USD and GOLD ideas were failed on Friday, because the US-China trade conversation wasn’t too interesting so the USD didn’t start to fall.

Check the stats for a minute! Trailing Stop closed some trades this week. For example: EURGBP and NZDJPY.

EURGBP was a SELL trade. On the next chart you can see where I set the trade. Trailing stop helped us, but this week it’d be better if we didn’t use it.

EURGBP reached 0.87150.

NZDJPY reached 76.700.

But our weekly profit was nice and the other GOLD trade will make nice profit next week. I’m sure we’ll have many good trading options next week when the USD and EUR will turn.



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Predictions for today


In my sight, the main prediction is about the USD, but yes, it will move other currencies. I am 100% sure that the dollar will fall back . Maybe today…

I think the USD will fall to ~93 today. The Bond Yealds boosted it well, but it is an old story. Now the investors are checking the communication between China and the US. Maybe it will be a new fight, that will be bad for the dollar.

GOLD – Investors started to sell Gold and buy USD because of the stronger dollar. Friday is a big mover  in Gold. Friday is about Gold trading and I am sure that the direction right now is BUY.

EUR felt during the week, but there is no reason to falling lower. The EUR will probably start strong, like the GBP and this will also push down the USD.

And finally the technicals:

The GOLD is oversold and you can see the same on the EUR index too. he USD overbought. Many indicators started to show direction changes on lower timeframes (highers not confirmed yet).


Best pairs I saw for today:







My idea about the USD’s direction today was failed. The USD Index closed @ 93.58 (+0.19).

What happened today?

“Trade talks between the U.S. and China are in focus as officials meet in Washington to find a way to end their trade dispute. U.S. officials said Thursday China agreed to purchase up to $200 billion of American goods, but Chinese officials denied the agreement had been made.”

And what moved the USD?

“The rise in bond yields, along with positive economic data and rising inflation, has boosted expectations that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates and tighten monetary policy.

The Fed raised rates in March and is expected to raise rates twice more, with some investors expecting a third hike.

Expectations of higher interest rates tend to boost the dollar by making the currency more attractive to yield-seeking investors.”

So, finally I didn’t placed trades on my account.

The latest GOLD trade closed on the monitoring account with low profit.

I’ll share the weekly stats tomorrow.



Asia stocks edge higher, investors cautious on U.S.-China trade talks – Investing

“Wall Street ended slightly lower on Thursday as investors grappled with U.S.-China trade tensions after U.S. President Donald Trump said that China “has become very spoiled on trade”.

But helping ease some of the tension, Beijing has offered Trump a package of proposed purchases of American goods and other measures aimed at reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China by some $200 billion a year, U.S. officials familiar with the proposal said.

A second round of talks between senior Trump administration officials and their Chinese counterparts started on Thursday, focused on cutting China’s U.S. trade surplus and improving intellectual property protections.”



Statistics of the week


Today is Thursday. Why do I want to write a post about this week’s stats? Probably because we earned enough for this week.


You know that earlier I wanted to earn 400-500 pips a week, what is a good stuff, but in the last some month I have many things to do during a day. We launched many new businesses in Europe with the VIP investors. 179 PIPS profit is more than 10% for a week, this good enough for us. We’ll use tight Trailing Stops in the next 2 trading days. We won’t try to make huge profits.

I wrote a post about CHANGING YOUR MINDSET. In the last some weeks I met many new people through the site. It’s interesting to talk with many kind of people from different countries. Most people who read my site still thinks that I need his/her investment to live better. This site is about helping others to earn money with a market that is huge enough to feed many families. Just think about it. The Forex market is really huge: more than $5 trillion in this market.

I met some new free members form Asia, who invited many friends to the free program. They opened an account, received bonuses and started to earn money without any investment. They earn $10-15 on the free account weekly. In some month their account will be big enough to have enough money to earn a monthly salary with it. This is about helping. One found an earning option and helped others.

I met an investor from Nigeria. He checked the stats, asked some questions and invested on the same day. This is an investor mindset. He checked the infos and decided.

But what about the Australians, Europeans and Americans. Many people find me from these areas. Sure, most of my investor partners are from Europe, because this area have more money, so they can start with bigger amount. But 9 from 10 persons are asking hundreds of questions and than they disappear. Most of them have enough money to live and the savings are too important to them. In the last 2 weeks ~5 people found me who wanted to invest money a little aggressively. None of them invested. They afraid of loosing too much, so they can’t make a decision.

I have only one suggestion to those, who are thinking about investing. Think about it. Do you really want to invest? Do you have an investor mindset? If not, just put your money to a bank, search for an insurance of something. It will pay a little more than the inflation. Many people can’t invest to stocks, or trading Forex because of his/her mindset. You don’t have to do it.






Trading on Thursday – 2018.05.17



This economy calendar shows two economy data with high volatility, the Australian Employment Change and the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index. I don’t think that these numbers will generate huge movements.

I’ll wait for the AUD numbers, because I am still waiting for it’s backup, but if the numbers will be positive it won’t happen tomorrow. The European and US market opens will be important tomorrow. These will probably push the EUR, GBP and USD.



I have 2 picks for tomorrow.

AUDNZD is still near to confirmation.

This is a new trade, that will probably will show a nice retracement soon.



1st trade of 2018.05.16. – CLOSED WITH PROFIT



T.O. @ 75.500



You can reenter to the trade, if you want.

CLOSED BY TRAILING STOP @ 76.174 (2 more pips… It wasnt’t a big stuff.

Always use the right trading lot and risk management!


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