Back from next week

Many of you know that I didn’t have time to write and trade because of personal issues.

About the projects:

$100 to $1,000,000 

I launched this account on XM. My account manager called me some weeks ago that they will change the leverages from 08.01 to lot lower (50:1 and 30:1). This is not good to me if I want to earn $1,000,000 fast.  As I wrote I have some problems in my family, so I knew that I will not trade. I closed all the trades (with loss) and withdrew the rest of the account. This way I made only 41.56% profit.

I’ll create a new account soon on LMFX or GrandCapital soon.



I also paused this project because of the same. I knew that I’ll unable to control the accounts, so I closed them. I’ll restart it in August.



This is not only  my project. Craig helped to all buyers and copy traders to earn with the bot. (I wrote a whole time statistics post to the site some hours ago.)


Group Investment

The group investment account is still not closed and moved to the new bank. I wrote some mails about it earlier that the new leverage requirements and the break because of my personal problems occurred that this sill not solved. Now, I have to double the account value before I close it  (this is a huge amount). I have to borrow money from my companies and receive fresh investments from the VIP members to solve this issue fast.

My new broker bank do not have to follow the new European leverage  rules so I will able to trade with higher leverage in the future too.


FX Trading Course

I contacted my “students” through e-mail in the last some weeks. Some of them replied, some of them not. The course is still on, so if anyone want to learn my trading strategies, just contact and start to learn.

Do you have any question? Just contact me!



Statistics of this week – 2018.05.07.-2018.05.11.


The statistics of this week, was clear. I closed all trades in the company account. The profit is good enough, I hope you liked it too.

Finally The AUDCAD is closed with some profit. Finally closed the week with 178 pips profit and 11,6% profit what is a very good result for a week.

From next week, I will share the trades, many info and news daily. I’ll share many charts in advance, to show some possible trades for the next day.  You will see that my analysis is good in 90% what is very good in Forex.

Come back every day, read, learn and the most important earn money with my help!



Millennials, Here’s How To Use Your Instagram Account To Travel The World For Free – Forbes

“I’m what you call “late” to the Instagram bandwagon.

I just created my first account a few weeks ago and I’m beginning to see why so many millennials are obsessed. Not only have I been getting more engagement with Instagram than Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, but it’s also helping my business.

In today’s digital world, having a big Instagram following is akin to having a prestigious resume—it’s an instant credibility boost.

Just the other day my friend Virginia Salas Kastilio, the CEO of a media firm, posted to Facebook a job offering for a speaker at an all-expenses-paid event on a private island. The only criteria? A minimum social following of 100k+.”



Only paid signals until 5th of Nov.

This week was real successful for my signal users. We made more than 600 pips (with a $100 account it is ~$50 profit) profit and on the managed accounts, the scalping trades made more than 200 extra pips (with a $100 account this is ~$18 profit).

Some scalping trades from today:

I’m in Jordan right now, to have a little rest, this is why I didn’t post free signals, reviews and posts. I’m just handing for a little more than a week.

I really like that I can make money every week during my vacations too, with only some hour of work. But talk about business now. 🤑🤑🤑

So during my vacation I’ll only post my signals to paid and free signal subscribers. So if you still not a member, click on the links below to follow my Forex guiding:

FREE EXPRESS SIGNAL – Register a broker account, fund it and I’ll add you to the signal newsletter. (Receive $10-$50 bonus and win $100/$500/$1000 every month from me.)

PAID EXPRESS SIGNALS – Just pay the fee ($20/1 mo., $75/6 mo., $100 for premium subscription).

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – Register an account, fund it and after you gave me the trading login and withdraw profit every 2nd week, or just pay the starting fee and I will trade on your actual account.

Register to any paid service now and receive 25% discount! And don’t forget, if we’ll reach the 1000 free and paid members, the signal services will become totally free! So invite your friends to the FREE EXPRESS SIGNALS!



Blogging.DailyProfit4Life.com – The monitoring site

I created this site for 2 main reasons. The first is that I’d like to create a sub section for blogging, the AdSense Millionaire and the Wealthy Affiliate program. The 2nd is that I’d like to monitor the AdSense income after an e-mail or social promotion.

The DailyProfit4Life.com is mostly about Forex trading and I don’t want to post too much on the main site about blogging. So here, I’ll show you, why is it good to register to the AdSense Millionaire program, why is it good to use Wealthy Affiliate program as a tool of your blogging career and mostly to show you how to gain your earnings with my promotional services.

So from this weekend, I’ll post here about blogging, online marketing and about tools to help you become successful.


Trading videos

From tomorrow, I’m going to create trading videos. This will shows how successfull is my trading strategy. Later, I’ll create videos about many things – strategies, broker reviews, marketing and many kind of money making opportunities.

These trading videos will show that my trades are not fakes and I’m really using/earning with these trades.

I’ll share all my videos on 2 sites Youtube and DailyMotion. I’ll post about each shared videos. I hope you will like these channels too.



Daily review from now

From today, I’ll post a daily market and trading review to help you to see the most important trading informations in one place. These can help you to get the most important informations.

Everyone has other kind of trading strategies, but I think everyone can use these:


This is very important. A trader has to know when will the market receives the fresh numbers about each country or when will an important person speak about a countries economy. I’ll write about all news and I’ll also share my expections with you. DON’T FORGET THAT I’M NOT A NEWS TRADER, SO I’M TRADING ONLY AFTER THE NEWS!



I suggest to check the strength on the currencies every day (or 2-3 times a day if you want). This helps you to know, if your trades are/will be in good direction. I’m checking H1 and D1 maps to check directions.



I mostly trade in market direction, but I’m also searching for possible reversals and retracements on each pairs. It’s easier to choose a possible opportunity if I see that what is the more probable direction of the pairs I’m trading with.



Every morning I’m checking the H1 and D1 charts. I’m searching for possible trading opportunities (Price Action) for longer term trades. I’m waiting for confirmation, but I’ll share my expectations. Don’t forget that these will be only things to check, these will be not trading signals. You have to follow my free Telegram Channel – FOLLOW FREE FOREX TRADING SIGNALS ON TELEGRAM! 💰💰💰 https://t.me/dailyprofit4life 💵💵💵 – or join the EXPRESS SIGNALS – EXPRESS CHANNEL 💰💰💰 https://dailyprofit4life.com/express-signals-for-only-20mo-2000-3000-pipsmo 💰💰💰 – to receive infos about my trades.

These 4 points will help any trader to see how to trade next day. Come back soon. I’ll share the first review soon 🤑🤑🤑


How to promote on social media? – BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE!

Social media is the best place to promote your blog. But the question is, how can you do it real good.

I mostly use Facebook, Twitter and Google +, but there are many good other options – Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – what can be very usefull.

My tips to build your audience in social media real fast:


I suggest to post friendly/funny messages to your Facebook page’s timeline, on Twitter, etc. These are not too interested for your your audience, but they will see your name – your blog’s name –  and they will connect these messages to you. “I like XY. He/she is funny/friendly…” So you will be the someone, who write about the things that your audience like, and you also will be the friendly/funny guy too….


You can use scheduled posts to place messages when you’re not able to add new posts. You can also place messages like “GOOD MORNING!”. This kind of messages shows that you’re working. You will be on your audience’s mind…

Check these posts:


I suggest to post min. 5 times a day. Post about your new articles, send out some simple messages, some promo. Post as many you can… I suggest to post quote messages pictures in your niche. Your audience will like it.




Receive more visitors from Facebook

There are many ways to receive more Facebook visits. If you understand that you have to be active on social network it’ll be easy. There are many free and paid tools to make it.

First of all, I suggest to use Facebook groups to promote your new post. Just make a search to one of your keywords and choose some groups to follow. Be sure that you’re following groups in your niche.

The next step is sharing. If you want to do it totally free, here is my tip. Download this free Plug-in:

After the installation, place the widget to anywhere to your site, where its looks good. It looks like this:

As you can see you can use this widget to share your new contet fast to your other social accounts too, but now we’re talking about Facebook now.

When I’m clicking on the logo, a sharing window appears, where I can choose where to share Timeline/Page/Group/Message, etc.

When I chosed Group, I’m starting to write letters the group names and these appears. So I choose one and share my post. I’m also writing some words to the text area.

As you can see this is realy easy and you will see that you will receive lot more visitors from Facebook if you’re doing this after you create a new post.

But if you don’t want to do this manually, here is my other tip. Use this tool: https://dailyprofit4life.com/post-your-links-on-facebook-with-1-click



Post your links on Facebook with 1 click!

I wrote earlier about how can you promote your links manually. Here is the tool what I use to promote my posts on Facebook Groups.

I’m posting on my Pages manually, but I’m using a robot to post to the Groups. This is the Ninja…

You will need Ninja Blaster to post to pages. You can also post to Twitter, Pinterest, sending mass e-mails with this tool, but I’m using only for Facebook.

I mostly use the link, photo poster  and the joiner. I’ll not show you step by step, how it works, because you can try it yourself. It’s so easy, just connect with your account, load the group list and post to 50-100 groups. Do not post too much or too fast, because Facebook will ban you for 1-3 days.

Click on the picture for the free trial!