BitCoin, Ethereum or Forex Trading?

Many of my readers wrote me, that they invested thousands of dollars to BitCoin and Ethereum, and they asked me, did I do the same or not. How much do I invested in coins?

My answer is my investment in these coins is 0.

Investing in BTC and ETH is a good option, lot better than investing your money to a bank. BTC made real big profit this year, ETH made a huge one. If you bought coins, you made real nice profit, but check the numbers.

In Jan. the lowest pricee of BTC was ~$750 and the best was ~$4400. This is ~600% of your starting investment. So if you started with $100, after 8 month you have $600 worth of BitCoin. WOW! Lets see ETH.

This is Ethereum’s year. The starting price was ~$9 in Jan and it made a big jump. In the early summer it grows up to $400-$410. The actual price is $292, but count with the best of the year. This is 4500%. If you started with $100, you made $4500 in 6 month. Now you have only $3200 worth of ETH, but it’s also lot better than any kind of bank investment.

And what about Forex Trading. My trades are generates 2000 pips profit every month. It’s sometimes better (lot better), but count with 2000 pips now. That means that if you have $100 I suggest to trade with 0,01 LOT. With 0,01 LOT you will earn ~$200 in your first month. WOW!

I have a guarantee, that if I my signals don’t reach 1000 pips profit a month, I’ll give 1 month free subscription. This never happened during my daytrader career. But count with this.

You will also miss some of my signals, so reduce it with 25%. Count with 75% profit monthly, not with 100% or 200%. But you can count with any of this…

So if you count with the worst scenario, and you started to trade with my “signals” in January with $100, you had more than $5000 on 1st of aug.. Now you have ~$7500, and it’ll grow every month.

I hope, now everyone understand, why I prefer Forex Trading more than any kind of coin. The coins prices are moving up and down, you can’t control it. You just praying for a long uptrend. In Forex trading, you can trade with many currency pairs and can choose the direction. Lot more option and if you know how to trade, you will make money when the market moves. YOU DON’T ย HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THE DIRECTION, IF YOU KNOW, WHEN AND WHERE WILL IT GO…ย 

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