Dollar Slips, Sterling Pulls Back From 11-Month Lows – Investing

” The dollar slipped lower on Tuesday giving back some of the previous sessions gains, while the pound regained ground after falling to eleven-month lows amid worries over the growing prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was down 0.17% to 95.03 by 03:29 AM ET (07:29 AM GMT), after edging up close to a one-year high of Monday.

Demand for the dollar continued to be underpinned by expectations for a faster pace of interest rates hikes from the Federal Reserve this year.

GBP/USD was up 0.15% to 1.2962 after falling as low as 1.2919 on Monday, pressured lower by fears that Britain is on course to exit the European Union with no deal.”



Rebound in Chinese shares, solid U.S. earnings support Asia – Investing

” A rebound in battered Chinese stock markets on Monday helped lift Asian equities, which also drew support from earnings-led gains on Wall Street in a welcome relief for investors grappling with an intensifying Sino-U.S. trade conflict.

Spreadbetters expected European stocks to open slightly higher, with Britain’s FTSE rising 0.1 percent, Germany’s DAX advancing 0.15 percent and France’s CAC adding 0.13 percent.

MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was up 0.35 percent.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.4 percent as investors snapped up shares that were hit hard during a four-day losing run.

Chinese equities were expected to remain volatile as Beijing’s trade feud with Washington showed little signs of de-escalation. ”



News of 2018.08.02.

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 Trading on Friday – 2018.08.03.

The Asian and European session will be quiet and calm. The Monetary Pol. Meeting Minutes in Japan will be probably negative. This can push up the JPY pairs, but I don’t really think that. My bet is that…


 Statistics shared on SafestForex – 2018.08.01.

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Statistics of the $100 to $1,000,000 project

I started to share the new trades today. I’ll share daily stats every morning, and summary on every weekend. Here is the first summary. Start from the beginning! I funded the account with $100 on 2018.07.27. You can see…


Dollar holds gains after upbeat Fed stays course for more rate hikes

“The U.S. dollar held onto most of its gains against major peers on Thursday after the Federal Reserve gave an upbeat assessment of the world’s biggest economy and stayed on course to gradually lift interest rates. The dollar was already…



Dollar pares gains before Fed chairman’s testimony – Investing

“The dollar pared gains against its major peers on Tuesday, edging lower as investors awaited Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s first congressional testimony for any clues on the pace of U.S. interest rate rises.

Powell will testify on the economy and monetary policy before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee at 1400 GMT on Tuesday, followed by a testimony at the same time on Wednesday to the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.”



Trading on Tuesday – 2018.07.17.



I don’t think that that the Asian session will be too active, but the speech of Carney can move the GBP. The other big speech will be Powell’s this afternoon (EU time), so I’ll try to close all trades before his speech.



The CHF pairs will probably turn on Tuesday. The CHF is overbought and many CHF pairs shows reversal.

EUR and USD. In the last days the EUR gained the USD felt. We have to check the news and the charts, because the reversal is near. EURUSD will probably provide the biggest movement if the reversal starts.

USDCHF is my third pick. Another good combination of the oversold and overbought pairs.




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Trading on Monday – 2018.07.16.



Next week will start with a calm morning, but the US session will be a little more active because of the Sales data.

My prediction about trading on Monday is simple. The USD will probably fall like the GBP. We have to check the GBP pairs for reversals and some of the USD’s will be good for trading like NZDUSD was on Friday afternoon.



There are two pairs, that probably will be confirmed on Monday morning.

AUDNZD will be a nice trade. Those insiders who saw my trades last week, saw that I made nice profit when AUDNZD turned up. We’ll do the same soon with the down movement.

I wrote about the falling USD and GBP. If the USD will fall on Monday, probably the EUR will become stronger, and if the GBP will be weaker, the EURGBP will boost 300-700 points before the US session.

I won’t create the new account for the $100 to $1,000,000 project this weekend, so I’ll share the trades here.


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Back from next week

Many of you know that I didn’t have time to write and trade because of personal issues.

About the projects:

$100 to $1,000,000 

I launched this account on XM. My account manager called me some weeks ago that they will change the leverages from 08.01 to lot lower (50:1 and 30:1). This is not good to me if I want to earn $1,000,000 fast.  As I wrote I have some problems in my family, so I knew that I will not trade. I closed all the trades (with loss) and withdrew the rest of the account. This way I made only 41.56% profit.

I’ll create a new account soon on LMFX or GrandCapital soon.



I also paused this project because of the same. I knew that I’ll unable to control the accounts, so I closed them. I’ll restart it in August.



This is not only  my project. Craig helped to all buyers and copy traders to earn with the bot. (I wrote a whole time statistics post to the site some hours ago.)


Group Investment

The group investment account is still not closed and moved to the new bank. I wrote some mails about it earlier that the new leverage requirements and the break because of my personal problems occurred that this sill not solved. Now, I have to double the account value before I close it  (this is a huge amount). I have to borrow money from my companies and receive fresh investments from the VIP members to solve this issue fast.

My new broker bank do not have to follow the new European leverage  rules so I will able to trade with higher leverage in the future too.


FX Trading Course

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Trading on Monday – 2018.06.18.



The tradeing day will start with some Japanese numbers. I am waiting for weaker JPY on Monday, and the expectation is negative to the economy datas, that can help.

The US session is about speeches. Some FOMC member’s speeches will able to generate movements and ECB’s Mario Draghi speech can also make bigger movements.



AUDJPY is one of the JPY pairs I will check on monday. AUD will be one of the best pairs for tomorrow.

CHFJPY is already a confirmed trade for us. We’ll see, maybe this will be first trade on Monday.

USDCHF will be a very good trade, based on technicals and on fundamentals too. The USD will probably fall on Monday and that will help me to earn nice income.