30%-40% profit in the last 3 days to signal users

This week started real good and I’m trying to make a lossless week in our first trading week too. I think we made real safe trades and I’m going to pick only the best ones for each of us. I was happy that I didn’t trade in the end of the last year and in the first week, so we didn’t lost money with the unpredictable movements.

We’re lucky, because the market moved enough to close most of our trades. The 2 running trades from Wednesday will also be closed with profit, but have to wait for the stronger USD. I expect higher US PPI than 0.2% and if I’m right the USD will jump enough to push the GOLD and NZDUSD to nice profit.

Yesterday, I was in a short business trip and in the afternoon I don’t have time to share the last trades here,, I only sent the signals to the members. This time the signal users were real lucky with these fast trades and an extra 80 pips profit 🤑🤑🤑

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