$100 to $100k in a year

This program is changed to $100 to $1,000,000 and will start soon. Come back to read it later!

My plan is to make $100k on a new account in a year with $100 starting balance.

Is it possible?

I think so. It’s able to make 100% profit a month if I choose the right trades.

The account value:
After the 1st month: $200
After the 2nd month: $400
After the 3rd month: $800
After the 4th month: $1 600
After the 5th month: $3 200
After the 6th month: $6 400
After the 7th month: $12 800
After the 8th month: $25 600
After the 9th month: $51 200
After the 10th month: $100 000

Yes, that means that I don’t have to hurry with this project because if I will do my job right, I can reach this goal in only 10 months.