$100 to $100k in a year

This is the new project, I’ll start next week (2017 okt.). My plan is to make $100k on a new account in a year with $100 starting balance.

Is it possible?

I think so. It’s able to make 100% profit a month if I choose the right trades.

The account value:
After the 1st month: $200
After the 2nd month: $400
After the 3rd month: $800
After the 4th month: $1 600
After the 5th month: $3 200
After the 6th month: $6 400
After the 7th month: $12 800
After the 8th month: $25 600
After the 9th month: $51 200
After the 10th month: $100 000

Yes, that means that I don’t have to hurry with this project because if I will do my job right, I can reach this goal in only 10 months.

My plan is that I will withdraw some money from this account every 1-2 weeks to show that if you want to start my free program you will able to earn money from the begining.

You can check all infos about this project HERE! You can check the trades, stats and some important infos in these posts…